Corridor Of Uncertainty Articles- Rambling round the proper Yorkshire county boundary

Earby Revisited, A Large Slice Of Good Fortune

        I stopped off in Earby last weekend, en-route from Wharfedale to Nelson, and was very glad I did because by a huge stroke of good fortune I was unexpectedly invited into the Earby CC ground by the club’s hard working groundsman David Robinson, who gave me the benefit of his knowledge of the club and the area.     It was sheer good luck that when I parked and asked a member of the public about the local cricket club, I should be enquiring of ....

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Grounds For Concern

  Anyone share my concern about Lancashire and Durham using Yorkshire grounds to play home 2nd team matches, Lancashire at Todmorden and Durham at Middlesbrough. Why have we agreed to this? Surely we need to encourage support for Yorkshire CCC in all parts of the county. I e-mailed the club about this in April but got no reply. Both are outposts but Yorkshire. Do we want Tod or Boro born folk supporting other counties or some future player joining Lancs or Durham. Glen Chapple, ....

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More Grounds For Concern..i Am Going Outside..i May Be Gone A While..

Just to clarify a few points made. Lancs 2nds played Leics 2nds in both 3 day and 1 day matches at Tod whilst Durham 2nds played Notts 2nds also in 3 day and 1 day fixtures at Boro both in 2010. I dont know about the background but I dont understand why they wanted to do this, unless to widen their catchment area at our expense. Surely they have grounds aplenty in their own counties. This is not a case of bringing 1st class cricket to 2nd class counties to spread the game and extend the cricket ....

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Would You Believe It! (sheltering At Spurn)

  Thanks again for all the replies. I have just finished stage one of my Yorkshire Ridings boundary walk, from Hull down the Humber Estuary to Spurn Point. I gazed over the Humber to the birthplace of my most famous ancestor, yes his cricketing lordship born in Lincolnshire, but reminded myself he was from a Yorkshire family who happened to be there at the time doing worthy work in the clergy. Amazingly I have found an internet cafe at Spurn Lighthouse so am able to make another ....

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Dane's Dyke (and Thoughts On Tod...)

  I have had time to mull over all your points on this long trek up the coast and, as I put my feet up in Flamborough village, admit to having had a change of heart about Tod. ( However, I have to say there was a moment when I froze as I came to a signpost nearby showing a route to Dane's Dyke! But after finding out it is merely a nature reserve on the headland and not a Danish Cricket centre, I have mellowed.) Yes, Lancs should play at Tod because the town was historically split ....

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Tired And Confused! (on Tan Hill)

I am taking rest at the Tan Hill Inn, reputedly the highest pub in England, and its recent history seems to typify the confusion in these northern parts. It was in the North Riding, then moved to Durham and is now in North Yorkshire!The confused state of affairs between Yorkshire and Durham seems to have begun in 1968 when Boro and other neighbouring Yorkshire areas were amalgamated with some southern Co.Durham places as a Teesside authority. Then in 74 of course came County Cleveland, an ....

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Letter From Sedbergh, Another Incursion

  I arrived in Sedbergh having traversed some windswept northern hills with great difficulty as believe it or not there are places where the county boundary has to be guessed at. Like travellers of yore I have scrambled up signposts with a match to be re-assured by the words Yorks NR and Yorks WR. I may have strayed into other counties but unwittingly (unlike Durham CCC).Of course modern signposts tell that Dentdale and Sedbergh are administered by the Cumbria County Council but ....

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Letter From The Borderlands (lost In The Forest Of Bowland)

  It has taken me so long to trek south through the Forest of Bowland and finally to Barnoldswick and Earby but I have finally arrived and solved the Glen Chapple mystery. The length of time is not solely due to a sodden Ordance Survey map but to the conflicting information on road signs. Old Yorks WR topped signposts have helped and so too have some splendid signs put up by the Yorkshire Ridings Society (with the agreement of the Lancashire County Council) showing the ....

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Tarrying In Tod....share That Ground!

  I set off from Earby bound for Saddleworth some time ago foolishly thinking that a I could quicky stroll through Todmorden as I knew all about it. But one night in the Border Rose public house and a morning's enquiries in the town created more questions than answers so I have become submerged in Tod's unique identity and find it hard to leave. Submerged is the right word for the traditional county boundary is based on the River Calder and its tributary the Walsden Water. ....

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Snowbound In Tod

The heavy snow has prevented my departure from Todmorden but further days lodged in the Border Rose have allowed me time to conclude my investigations into this curious place.A number of factors have maintained the boroughs' links with Lancashire,notably geography. The town is 12 miles from Halifax but only 9 from both Burnley and Rochdale with Oldham being 15 miles away. This has made it convenient for the borough to have a Rochdale phone code and an Oldham postcode. The OL postcode means that ....

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Pack Horse Route Re-opens

The thaw is here and with it the long awaited opportunity to leave Todmorden and head for Saddleworth over the old pack horse route. I will start out tomorrow.But I have not been wasting my time in the Border Rose. I have been visiting local libraries to further my research with interesting but perhaps obvious findings. The Tod library is situated on Rochdale Road and that tells its own story as much of the cricket section is not necesarily my preferred reading. True I spent a lot of time ....

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Christmas Eve In Saddleworth

  I have been unable to entice my family over to Saddleworth for Christmas so am reluctantly having to take a break from the boundary walk. However, I have time to pen some more thoughts about this special place before I board the last train home out of Greenfield station. Yes the White Rose is tinged pink and there definitely is reason why some locals I questioned feel they have been, in their own words, ‘Lancastrated’! Not only are all the local services provided by ....

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Still In Harry Pilling A Yorkshireman?!!

I returned to Saddleworth envisaging a direct climb out of the valley before walking the traditional Yorkshire-Cheshire boundary as this is where a part of real Cheshire butts out between Lancashire and Derbyshire. I was imagining a view of Mossley below and in the distance on a clear day sightings of Ashton under Lyne, Stockport, Manchester and the Cheshire Plain. That may be true tomorrow when I start out from a night in Mossley! Yes Mossley for when I alighted at Greenfield I was amazed to ....

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Sheffield, Part 1, Its History

  I finally said farewell to Saddleworth and Mossley but only after concluding that Harry Pilling (and John Sullivan) were born in the old Lancashire parish and that Micklehurst’s lovely Pennine hillside ground is in proper Cheshire. Geoff Clayton too was born in the Cheshire quarter. Still having lost Barry Wood and Peter Lever to the Lancashire side of the late sixties and seventies perhaps it would have been too much have found out that Harry Pilling was also one of ours!This ....

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'over The Hill By Way Of Highmoor' (yorkshire Did Play In Saddleworth!)

  My lengthy stay in Sheffield has not only been caused by hours perusing the historic county boundaries on Google Earth for I have also been captivated by a book, ‘Over the Hill by way of Highmoor’, a centenary history of the Saddleworth and District League which was kindly forwarded to me by the ever helpful league secretary Trevor Harrison. ( Cricket secretaries have a way of tracking you down .) It is true it means I see less of Sheffield than I had imagined but I ....

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You Have To Look At This! (proper County Boundaries)

I am still here in Sheffield trying to complete part 2 of my article about cricket in the steel city but have become addicted to a wonderful website which might not only delay my departure but could also make me a virtual walker!Roger Sewell of the Yorkshire Ridings Society recommended I look at the Google Earth’s Historic Counties site and I am so glad I did. It is so fascinating I have become obsessed with it and am spending all day in the internet café though when I can force ....

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Sheffield Part 2, An Even Longer Essay

  Sheffield’s contribution to Yorkshire teams through the twentieth century was intermittent. E.R. Wilson from a family of cricketers at the village of Bolsterstone in the hills towards Stocksbridge, played infrequently before the Great War and then made important contributions to County Championship titles in the twenties with his off spin but, as a teacher, only when summer term ended. Another schoolmaster, A.T.Barber, from Todwick east of Sheffield towards the Nottinghamshire ....

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Sheffield, Perhaps After All There Are Grounds For Optimism

  Sheffield, Yorkshire’s first cricket centre whose zeal for the game prompted the founding of the Yorkshire CCC there in 1863, is now left as the largest city without first-class cricket. Bramall Lane closed as a cricket ground in 1973 ( I went to the last game and recall a furore in the pavilion at the end of one of the days play and afterwards believe I read it was an argument between a Yorkshire member and Barry Wood ! Can anyone confirm that?) I completely forgot all ....

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To Scotch Springs And Fiery Fred

  The flatlands east and north-east of Sheffield bordering Derbyshire then Nottinghamshire are of course easier walking country than the Pennines and helped by the wonder of Google Earth’s historic county boundaries website, I have made such rapid progress that I have already visited Scotch Springs, birthplace of the legendary Frederick Sewards Trueman and am ensconced in Bawtry right on the Notts boundary. The walk took me across south Sheffield where the city’s ....

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A Stroll (it Should Have Been A Bike Ride) Into Notts

  Bawtry is a fine place to be, not a tourist centre true, but a grand spot and perfectly placed for a stroll or even bicycle ride into Nottinghamshire. I had not envisaged deliberately venturing into neighbouring counties when I commenced this walk but having missed the opportunity to see Cecil Parkin’s birthplace just over the Tees in Eaglescliffe, County Durham, I decided I had to visit Harworth just south–west of Bawtry to pay homage to another famous sporting son of ....

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To Willingham By Stow, By Jove!

The walk from Bawtry to Willingham by Stow firstly takes you about a dozen miles across north Nottinghamshire then a further seven or so miles south-east from Gainsborough in the direction of Lincoln. It is fairly flat, occasionally undulating land, devoid of major interest except the River Trent which you cross to enter Gainsborough and Lincolnshire. The name of the bridge is of course Trent Bridge! However, the walk is also enlivened by the exciting prospect of actually arriving in the ....

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Musings By The Waterways..( By Don, Trent And Humber).if Only

I spent some time out of county in Willingham by Stow gazing at the rectory, viewing the stained glass window and exploring the country byways, especially the bridleways where Martin Bladen must have first learned to ride. The Old Rectory has been recently let and the new tenants did not, I am sorry to say, allow me to view the ‘cradle of Yorkshire cricket. There was some confusion when I mentioned the Corridor. They said they were happy with their corridors and everything else. I think ....

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Life's Little Ironies (thoughts On Lincs)

  I stepped back from Trent Falls, the meeting place of the Trent and Ouse to form the Humber Estuary, and walked westward through such redolently named villages as Ousefleet and Reedness towards Goole and the Vermuyden Inn. I had literally turned my back on Lincolnshire but after tarrying there for some time and having walked their long boundary with Yorkshire I began to dwell on Lincolnshire and its cricketers and about a possible link with Yorkshire CCC.However, before I relate ....

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In Praise Of The East Riding

  I am bound for the East Riding and, as someone who first started playing club cricket in the old East Riding Amateur League, I would like to say a few words about the Yorkshire cricketers born in those parts. There are not many it is true, just thirty I have counted, but the population is small compared to the West Riding and East Riding folk are proudly Yorkshire, witness the successful displacement of County Humberside and the splendid white rose emblazened village ....

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I By The Tide Of Humber (journey's End)

  I have trudged by the muddy northern banks of the Ouse and then by the wide brown Humber Estuary through such isolated villages as Saltmarshe, Yokefleet and Faxfleet then on to Welton where the uplands of the Yorkshire Wolds descend to the water before rising again on the south bank as the Lincolnshire Wolds, another connection between the counties. A man made link, the impressive Humber Bridge – for some time the longest single spanning suspension bridge in the world - is a ....

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