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The Funaki Era / Batista To Go

WWE has releasd several wrestlers from their roster. British wrestler Kaite Lea Burchill is gone, as is Mike Knox, Jimmy Wang Yang, Slam Master J,  and former womens champion Mickie James. Also now a free agent is Sho Funaki has been with WWE since 1998 and incredibly long continuous run for a wrestler with WWE. From the team Kaientai to being Smackdown's non-English speaking 'Number 1 ....

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Kanyon Dies

Wrestler Chris Kanyon, a former WCW and tag-team WWF champion, has dies. Kanyon suffered from bipolar disorder and his death is from an overdose of pills. He was 40. Kanyon was trained by, among others, the Fabulous Moolah. He wrestled for WCW for many years. He had the gimmick of Mortis, before being Kanyon forming a tag team with Diamond Dallas Page. Later, in WWE he was known for his ....

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Wrestlemania Xxvi

WWE's biggest event of the year has occured, the 26th annual WrestleMania. Emanating from a glorious hight-tech set up in the massive, semi-outdoor University of Arizona arena, WresltleMania this year was headlined by a rematch of the contest that stole the show during last year's WrestleMania - Shawn Michaels versus The Undertaker. The story was Shawn - obsessed by his loss in an all time ....

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Bret Hart At W W E And Hulk Hogan At T N A Tonight

Bret 'the Hitman' Hart, legendary former WWE champion and member of several of wrestling's halls of fame will be the 'guest host' of WWE's flagship live show Raw tonight. Bret's relationship with WWE and owner Vince McMahon has been notoriously rocky ever since Bret left the company in 1997. That was the night of the infamous 'Montreal Screw Job', where in a time when wins and losses still ....

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Umaga Passes Away

Edward Fatu, WWE's Umaga, has passed away in hospital following a heart attack at his home. The Samoan-American pro wrestler wrestled under several names, and most recently performed on the undercard of Hulk Hogan's tour of Australia. He was best known as the 'Samoan Bulldozer' Umaga.  He was 36.   photo: Eddie 'Umaga' Fatu    ....

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Umaga Seriously Unwell

Pro wrestler Edward Fatu, known most famously as Umaga in WWE, has suffered a suspected heart attack according to a report on wrestlingobserver.com. He apparently fell asleep at home watching tv then was found by his wife not breathing with blood leaking from his nose. Fatu left the WWE earlier this year after he failed a drug test and refused to go into rehab. He has wrestled under several ....

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Survivor Series Results

World Wrestling Entertainment's Surivior Series enemated from Washington DC on Sunday. In the first of three traditional Survivor Series elimination tag matches, Team Miz defeated Morrison with Miz, Sheamus and Drew McIntyre the three survivors of the winning team. Batista defeated his former friend Rey Mysterio by TKO, the ref stopping the match after Big Dave power-bombed Rey 3 times. ....

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Brock Lesnar Poorly

Brock Lesnar of the Ultimate Fightng Championship is seriously ill and will not be able to compete anytime in the near future. The UFC heavywieght champ was scheduled to face Shane Carwin but the fight had to e postponed becuase Lesnar was suffering from what was beleived to be flu, later revealed as glandular fever leaving him unable to train. According to reports from WrestlingObserver.com ....

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Hulk Hogan Signs With Tna Wrestling

At a press conference in New York with Hulk Hogan and TNA boss Dixie Carter it was announced that Hulk has signed up to join TNA. TNA are now close to their dream of becoming a mini version of WCW circa 1998, and they move even closer because they have also signed controversial former WCW booker and Hogan collaborator Eric Bsichoff. It will be interesting to see what happens within TNA as this ....

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Wwe Bragging Rights - Results And Fallout

WWE's newest pay per view 'Bragging Rights' occured on Sunday, in some arena in Pittsburg. The show replaces Cyber Sunday, which had bombed for WWE year after year. For a while the show was rumoured to be retianing some of the interactive elements of Cyber Sunday with fans being able to vote by text message for match stipulations or oponents but this was eventually dropped. The idea is people ....

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Shane Mcmahon Quits Wwe

Shane McMahon has resigined from World Wrestling Entertainment in a suprise turn of events. Shane, the son of egomaniacal WWE boss Vince McMahon, and great grandson of the company's founder Jess McMahon was a high up executive behind the scenes heavily invovled in the corporation's business. His resignation came about suddenly. WWE has released a statement in which he say life has taken an ....

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Hell In A Cell Results

WWE's Hell in a Cell played lived to mixed reactions in New York state, the first time 3 Hell in a Cell matches occured on the same card, including 2 world title matches. The Undertaker defeated CM Punk in the opening match, in the cell (for no reason), to win the World title. Randy Orton defeated John Cena to win the WWE title in the cell. DX defeated Legacy in the cell. Nothing else of note ....

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Political Oddity Hosts Raw

WWE Raw tonight will be guest-hosted by one of America's leading political nutjobs, the Reverand Al Sharpton. The controvesial figure is known for being ultra radical and has been accused of being a 'racial arsonist' for his divisve apporach to campagining. The Rev is appearing on the show to promote a literacy progamme. He is the latest of Raw's weekly guest host, an initative started earlier ....

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Jeff Hardy Busted

Jeff Hardy has been arrested on drug charges. Jeff who lost his WWE World Title at Summerslam to CM Punk then lost a 'loser leaves town' match had just begun a break from working with WWE. He was busted yesterday on numerous drug charges in cluding possesing various drugs including steroids and cocaine. He was also arrested for trafficing, a federal crime. He was locked up at Moore County Jail.....

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Rey Mysterio Suspended

Rey Mysterio Jr has been suspended by WWE for 30 days. The suspension is in accordance with WWE's 'Wellness Policy'. Rey has failed a drug test and that is why he is supsended. Hie is the current Intercontintel champion and the WWE is said to be pretty mad. The official announcement is at wwe.com source:http://vinnyisagoober.com/....

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Summerslam Results

CM Punk defeated Jeff Hardy in a tables, ladders and chairs match -  featuring an insane jump by Hardy of a ladder taller than a house - to win the World Title. After the match Punk gloated over Hardy's broken body. The lights went out and when they came back up Jeff had turned into the Undertaker through magic. Undertaker chokeslammed him to set up the next title challenge and 'Taker's ....

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Kurt Angle Arrested

Just the day before TNA Wrestling's 'Hard Justice' PPV their biggest star Kurt Angle is arrested. Kurt met some policemen after allegedly breaking a restraining order from his ex-girlfriend the terrible wrestler Raka Kahn. The officers found some Human Growth Hormone Vials in his car, plus he had been driving witout a license. Kurt is now out on bond, it reamins to be seen if he will wrestle as ....

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Rise Of The Cyborg!

Cris Cyborg became the queen of womens' mixed martial arts this weekend, defeating the sports sweetheart Gina Carano in an electrifying match, the first ever women's fight to headline a major, televised event. The match was slated for up to five five minute rounds. Cyborg, a graduate of the Brazilian Shooto-Box school, came out super aggressive as is her style. The match was ultra fast paced as ....

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Biggest Match In The History Of Womens' Fighting Comes Saturday

This Saturday. August 15th in San Jose the biggest fight in the history of Women's mixed martial arts will take place. Gina Carano has become the face of womens' MMA. Beatiful and charming, she is also a kick boxing expert who went to Thailand and beat the Thais at their national sport before converting to MMA, where she holds an umblemished 7-0 record. She has found fame along the way, even ....

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Ufc 100 - Brock Smash, Britain's Bisping Brain Bashed

At UFC 100 Brock got revenge for his loss to Frank Mir by grappling him down, being wary of Mir's submission skills, holding him to the mat and pounding the hades out of him. Afterwards Brock shouted at the previously cocky Mir about havig taken the 'lucky horseshoe out of his ass', flipped off the crowd, acted like a madman, etc The UK's Michael Bisping had been taunting the aging Dan Henderson ....

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Ufc 100

UFC 100 from Las Vegas starts at 3am live and for free in the UK on Sky channel 433 and on uk.ufc.com. The event, headlined by Brock Lesnar vs Frank Mir for the undisputed heavyweight championship, is airing free in the UK following the collapse of Setanta Sports, which carried the UK broadcast rights. The highlight matches are: The UK's Michael Bisping versus Dan Henderson in the battle of the ....

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Edge's Doom

Reports are that WWE champion Edge has gone down with a serious injury. He was wrestling against Jeff Hardy in the main event of a non-televised night of grappling in San Diego. The match was only a minute underway when Edge apparently spannered him achilles tendon, putting a foot wrong somehow. If bad, this freak injury could put Edge out of action for a very long time. A worse case scenario is ....

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Midget Wrestlers Poisoned By Prostitutes

Mexico - Mini wrestlers La Parkita and Espectero II, who had wrestled for AAA in Mexico and CHIKARA in the US have passed out of life and into death. Reports are that they were found dead in Room 52 of Hotel Moderno in Guadalalajara. The hotel is near a lucha libre venue, Arena Coliseo. The two borthers, both 35, had allegdly checked in with two female prostitutes. The women apparently drugged ....

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Wwe Round Up

This week in World Wrestling Entertainment. All this week's shows are leading to Monday's 3 hour Raw which will feature all 3 major titles on the line. Raw - Edge and Raw GM Vickie split up, as Vickie is leaving the company. Randy Orton invoked his rematch clause for the title he lost to Batista. However he and Legacy attacked Batista and broke his arm, and Batista was taken away in an ....

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Umaga And Vickie Gone

Umaga is out of WWE. Exactly why is yet to be confirmed. His last match was Sunday at Extreme Rules, where he was defeated in a strap match with CM Punk. Vickie Guerrero has also left the WWE. She has quit the corporation of her own accord. They did a storyline of her leaving and her fake husband Edge splitting up with her. Vickie, the widow of the great Eddie Guerrero, did a great job as ....

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