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vichyssoise Posted on 04/11/2008 12:54
this board is shyte

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i have a couple of hammers fans down there so i have come on this board after you were lucky over the weekend to see if anything was said (nothing,jack shyte,bugger all)the only people posting are not hammer fans, what is the point of having a fans on line web site if you have no fanswhere is the XXXXXXney banter.
up the boro[:)]
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Lyrikill Posted on 05/11/2008 13:04
this board is shyte

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Wahey, me ol' mucker!

You 'avin' a larf? We're as cheeky and XXXXXXnee as they come, me old fruit.

Wheelin' and deelin', selli' fruit off barras and supporting the 'Ammers, that's our lot treacle!

Dean Ashton, wat a plum, eh?
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