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GynnSquarePhoenix Posted on 31/10/2010 01:21
A Blackpool fan's take on the Nani ..errr...goal

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Just watched the incident 3 times on youtube. Crazy stuff. There was essentially no ref for 15 seconds. It didn't look like a foul, but Nani did the new trick of falling down and handling the ball which often forces the ref to make a decision one way or the other, he should have been carded for that bullXXXXXX. Clattenburg knows it's not a penalty but is too scared to give the diving call against Man Utd, so then he is forced to ignore this years most blatant handball, at that point backing himself into a corner having not blown a whistle for anything, although everyone on the pitch is expecting one against Utd (they all head away from the goal area) his response is to shrug and hold his arms out, Nani figures it's worth a punt. One for the ages, ref dithered, Spurs got shafted.
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nanigomez Posted on 31/10/2010 20:34
A Blackpool fan's take on the Nani ..errr...goal

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Just joining up as a Spurs fan, and it's a pity
I need to begin by disagreeing with the previous post. The referee is the one who needed to make a judgment about whether Nani's handball was a bookable offence. If he did not think so, for whatever reason, then he was right to play on, allowing Spurs (in possession of the ball) to counter-attack more quickly. And Gomes should know better than to assume it's a free kick ... to ASSUME that, he would need to have KNOWN that the referee was going to book Nani ... and there is no evidence that he thought so, OR that the referee was moving towards Nani to do that.
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