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NialQuinn Posted on 22/02/2010 01:44
Thierry Henry Goal..... a justified result

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Guys, the debate over Thierry Henrys fair goal against Ireland in world cup qualifying is so unjust.
I feel that in handling the ball to create the goal, Thierry was fully justified in his actions and can feel proud of such a great achievement.
I can make a comparison with a similar so called ''villain'' Diego Maradonna, whos ''hand of god'' against England made him a hate figure.
Both these goals were 100% fair and justified and i feel people are wrong to be so bitter.
In my opinion, the Irish football team should be forced to wear striped shirts and garlic cloves during matches and also the Irish flag should incorporate Napolean.
Top 'o' the mornin' to ye! dinnae hold it against me, och aye.

On a lighter note: Mark Bosnich has recently married a Lion
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