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chrismilanman Posted on 23/01/2020 22:03
Maoning about pitches tranmere
Interesting at the bleating about Tranmere/Newport etc pitches tonigth on Beeb 5 and how players can't handle it. Makes me think were the players of yesteryear super human compared with those who mince out today?

I am happy the hybrid Fratton pitch is like a billiard table but come on you lot at least the goalie can build a sand castle if there in no traffic :-)
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Dinksy Posted on 24/01/2020 05:53

Maoning about pitches tranmere

The quality of the pitch makes little difference when the ball is in the air as much as it it is under KJ. But in any case, the pitch reflects the wonderful changing seasons we have in the UK - different conditions to test OUR game. And it brings great memories of drama that happen amid wind, rain, snow, boggy and hard pitches.
Case in point: Everyone talks about the Biley Santa goals but many forget Oxford had a great chance to equalise even after that when their forward lobbed Alan Knight and the ball was trickling towards the goal with no one near it....only to get stuck in the mud just before the goal line. Breath-taking stuff!
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yellowcheesemonkey Posted on 24/01/2020 08:41
Edited On: 24/01/2020 08:45
Maoning about pitches tranmere

Agree about the pitches changing with the seasons.
Actually miss the muddy pitches amd teh orange balls on snow
Too pampered these days

Best advert ever for a muddy pitch?
Not pompey but one of my first match of the days i was allowed to stay up for.
The ball bobbling on the pitch and then sitting up for absolute screamer
Proper jumpers for goalpsts underdog story

Link: linky
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pompeyhighlander Posted on 24/01/2020 09:28
Edited On: 24/01/2020 09:29
Maoning about pitches tranmere

TBF most players failed to cope with The Dell which was a bog from October onwards and a sandpit from March. It was great for the scum as it kept them in the old First Division year after year.
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Tomsk Posted on 24/01/2020 13:26

Maoning about pitches tranmere

Any snow and ice these days and the match is likely to be cancelled. Not so much to do with the state of the pitch but the fact somebody might slip outside the ground and hurt themself. What a pansy society we've become.
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yellowcheesemonkey Posted on 24/01/2020 13:53
Edited On: 24/01/2020 13:53
Maoning about pitches tranmere

"Any snow and ice these days and the match is likely to be cancelled. Not so much to do with the state of the pitch but the fact somebody might slip outside the ground and hurt themself"

The snowflake contravirus [:D] (have to be topical [:P])

Reckon it actaully started with the influx of overseas players into the premier league
First sytmpom was Players wearing gloves in April... FFS

Spread to the terraces
When those fat bâstard beer bellied Newcastle fans start wearing coats in winter, we will know its all over..
Or maybe it will be when ultrawide seats for the larger gentlemen are installed at Fratton (Gaffers request [;)])
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Bangers_and_Biff Posted on 24/01/2020 14:02
Edited On: 24/01/2020 15:18
Maoning about pitches tranmere

“somebody might slip outside the ground and hurt themself”

Like farting seeing someone fall over in the snow never stops being funny and falling over in the snow while farting is even better.

Apologies to the large pansy community we have on this forum.
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hammie9 Posted on 24/01/2020 20:59

Maoning about pitches tranmere

when I watch the old Big Match highlights on BT Sport, I really appreciate how skillful the old players were. And then you read Harry Redknpp's biography and they all used to go down to Hackney Marshes and have a kick around for fun on their days off. So no surprise they could play on anything.
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Pedalo_menders Posted on 04/02/2020 17:47

Maoning about pitches tranmere

Our time has now come to negotiate the quagmire. Wonder how we’ll cope. We’ve got some good hoofing pedigree which should come in useful [:D]
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pfc_blues Posted on 04/02/2020 19:49

Maoning about pitches tranmere

Tranmere pitch tonight looks 40% grass, 30% mud and 30% sand. Looks lovely to play on [:D]
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mikey393 Posted on 04/02/2020 21:24

Maoning about pitches tranmere

[^]Really enjoyed watching that F.A. Cup game. Proper getting stuck in football. Plenty of shoulder charges not permitted now foul & yellow card. The pitch was a quagmire & a really leveller. Players skating around in the mud trying to keep their balance. Today's slippers would have been totally useless & pulled off by the glue pot of mud. We won't see the like of this again. Hats off to Hereford for one if not the most memorable match.
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