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jim2383 Posted on 31/12/2019 08:37
Phil boardman
Any chance brighton can come in for him..
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Bluetag Posted on 31/12/2019 09:16

Phil boardman

He should have no excuse finding players, he has a degree in Geography [rle]
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Jamtomorrow Posted on 31/12/2019 09:29

Phil boardman

According to Jacket ĎI trust their judgement to bring good players in, 100 per cent. They have brought some good players in.Hahahahaha
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Ghost_of_DeepBlue Posted on 31/12/2019 10:33

Phil boardman

Wasn't Curtis one of Boardman's first recommendations ? Add McGillivray, Thompson, Pitman, Naylor, Brown, Hawkins, Harrison, Harness & Williams to the list and I would say the signings record of the current regime was pretty good. I'd rate Walkes and Cannon as averagely successful squad additions, which leaves just Morris, Bolton, Downing & Marquis as yet to prove their worth, but we know all of them were decent enough players at previous clubs so could still come good.
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jim2383 Posted on 31/12/2019 10:53
Edited On: 31/12/2019 11:14
Phil boardman

"Wasn't Curtis one of Boardman's first recommendations ? Add McGillivray, Thompson, Pitman, Naylor, Brown, Hawkins"

Pitman,Thompson and Hawkins all signed before curtis.. thought a know all like you,would know that
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Ghost_of_DeepBlue Posted on 31/12/2019 11:17

Phil boardman

Yes, I know that. But they were all Jackett signings, which is the point I was making. Jackett's signings record is pretty good IMO. How many of them were his idea or recommended to him by the likes of Boardman no-one knows, but one we know was Boardman's was Curtis, and that was a good one, so proves he knows his stuff.
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Bluetag Posted on 31/12/2019 11:49

Phil boardman

Iíll give you McG, Curtis, Harness and Williams as players who could do a job in the championship, the rest are decidedly average L1 at best.

So IMO they/him have got it right 4 times in 2 yrs. Well done Kenny 👎
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Ghost_of_DeepBlue Posted on 31/12/2019 12:43

Phil boardman

Bluetag, Naylor & Pitman have both already have done a good job in the Championship so you can add them to your list.

But you can't define 'being championship players' as a criteria for what we can expect to be able to sign as a league one club. You sign players first and foremost to do the job you want in League One, and all the players on my 'good' list have done that, and if they can step up then it is a bonus not a requirement. But who is to say the likes of Brown & Harrison (in particular) couldn't step up - they have both played for Championship clubs before even if not with much success.

IMO they have got it wrong 4 times in 2 years, and all of them could still come good.
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blueshark Posted on 31/12/2019 12:45

Phil boardman

Certainly wouldn't class Harness or Williams as good signings as yet. They have got lots more to do to convince me anyway.
A lot of the loans have been utter gash as well.
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Jamtomorrow Posted on 31/12/2019 12:56

Phil boardman

If you look at that list I will give you the earlier signings weren't too bad but the latest ones ie Raggett,Bolton,Morris, Marquis, Downing I would say have been and are below acceptable standards even for League One.Something went wrong there in this recent stage!
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motowner Posted on 31/12/2019 13:20
Edited On: 31/12/2019 13:21
Phil boardman

Ghosty Boy - Jackass has made 19 permanent and 18 loan signings since he was appointed in 2017.

So roughly less than 50% of permanent have been any good and around 10% of the loans.

Tell me how that is good management ....

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Bluetag Posted on 31/12/2019 14:03

Phil boardman

Deepblue Pitman canít even get in our team, if he was a championship player Iím sure his agent wouldíve jacked something up for him instead of sitting on his ar$e on the bench putting on weight, as for Naylor he does try His best but his best is L1 IMO
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Isaac-Hunt Posted on 31/12/2019 14:17

Phil boardman

Wasn't McGee one of Kenny's...that is working out well
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Peter_Mellors_Got_No_Hair Posted on 31/12/2019 14:18

Phil boardman

Kenny Jackett appointed 02.06.17

Nathan Thompson 22.06.17 Free
Luke McGee 12.07.17 Fee
Brett Pitman 13.07.17 Fee
Stuart O'Keefe 31.07.17 Loan
Matty Kennedy 31.07.17 Loan
Tareiq Holmes-Dennis Loan
Dion Donohue 18.08.17 Fee
Oliver Hawkins 31.08.17 Fee
Damien McCrory 31.08.17 Loan

Phil Boardman appointed 22.09.17

Anton Walkes 01.01.18 Loan
Sylvain Deslandes 03.01.18 Loan
Connor Ronnan 03.01.18 Loan
Stephen Henderson 31.01.18 Loan

Andy Cannon Fee
Lee Brown Free
Craig MacGillvray Free
Louis Dennis 23.05.18 Free
Ben Thompson Loan
Tom Naylor Free
Omar Bogle Loan
Anton Walkes Fee
David Wheeler Loan
Andre Green Loan
Bryn Morris Fee
Joe Mason Loan
Ronan Curtis Fee
James Vaughan Loan
Lloyd Isgrove Loan

John Marquis Fee
James Bolton Free
Paul Downing Free
Ryan Williams Free
Ellis Harrison Fee
Ross McCrorie Loan
Sean Raggett Loan
Marcus Harness Fee

19 permanent signings & 17 Loans.

It's subjective, but i like 7 of the permanent signings (36%) and 2 of the loans (12%). I think that figure is too low! You can't guarantee every player will work out at a new club, but you'd hope that at least 50% of your signings improve you. But as has been said elsewhere here, its impossible to know how the process goes and who has the most input and the final say.
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Pedalo_menders Posted on 31/12/2019 14:24

Phil boardman

We donít really know what goes on behind the scenes in terms of who is recommended and what Kenny, Mark, Eric & Michael end up signing.

I think Iím right in saying the scouts need to make the recruitment team aware of all the players that are available, then it is down to the decision makers of who they go for.

Iím guessing scouts would be important In recommending the rough diamonds.

Whatever process there was that ended up spending £0 on strengthening the defense and £3-4M on attacking players, is clearly broken.

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Ghost_of_DeepBlue Posted on 31/12/2019 14:43

Phil boardman

Scouts identify the players they think will fit the requirements - not just who is available, and then the manager and hopefully no-one else makes the decision on who to go for. Catlin will then do the negotiation and Tornante's only involvement should be to say what the budget is.

But Fee or Free these days just depends on how much contract is left, and is not necessarily a reflection of the ability of a player so spending nothing on defenders doesn't in itself mean a problem. No-one can deny that this years defensive intake have yet to prove their worth - but the fact that they were free is a co-incidence rather than the cause of that, 9 months earlier they would have cost money.
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Pedalo_menders Posted on 31/12/2019 15:02

Phil boardman

Yes, I agree that money spent doesnít have to equate to quality on an individual basis. However, Iíd ask what are we doing passing up the opportunity of signing Pearce for under £500k and then spending £2M on Marquis to warm the bench. And we also have Pitman being used as a very expensive bench warmer too!

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jim2383 Posted on 31/12/2019 15:16

Phil boardman

"No-one can deny that this years defensive intake have yet to prove their worth"

Big "yet" that fella
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stayinupforever Posted on 31/12/2019 18:20

Phil boardman

Jesus Christ. That's THREE football team's worth of players.
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