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muschi Posted on 06/10/2019 09:45
Lessons to learn
The key point being in the second half we played 3 up front and low and behold we scored goals.
It's the basis of a winning team and most winning teams play it, Man c liverpool being the prime examples , different level you say but
consider the forwards we have available, they are comparable on a level to level basis.

Of course that formation ties up the opposition defence taking a lot of pressure off ours. The thing is will KJ learn?
His policy has always been defence first yet he signed Marquis when we all knew the need was for a top class central defender and midfielder.
Doesn't make much sense really. Marquis must be regretting the move, with 3 strikers competing for one place and a system not suited to him.

Learn Kenny, give us an exciting team and the crowd will back you, revert to type and pay the price,
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