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muschi Posted on 25/09/2019 17:30
Well said John Barnes
talk about storm in a teacup.
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exgaffer Posted on 25/09/2019 17:37

Well said John Barnes

Iíve got absolutely no idea what John Barnes said.

I did however see Ricardo Rochaís Tweet after the scum game.

Now THAT was well said.
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Isaac-Hunt Posted on 25/09/2019 17:45
Edited On: 25/09/2019 17:49
Well said John Barnes

What did they say?
That's they as in both of them,not they in a Sam Smith way.
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exgaffer Posted on 25/09/2019 17:53

Well said John Barnes

Just go to Newsnow Portsmouth fc and you can see for yourself (or Twitter if you are mad enough to use it).

No idea what John Barnes said.
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Wayno Posted on 25/09/2019 18:01

Well said John Barnes

John Barnes said.....

'Catch me if you can im an England man and what youre looking at is the masterplan'
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Cressers Posted on 25/09/2019 18:17

Well said John Barnes

You've got to hold and give
But do it at the right time
You can be slow or fast
But you must get to the line

They'll always hit you and hurt you
Defend and attack
There's only one way to beat them
Get round the back
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Tomsk Posted on 26/09/2019 00:40

Well said John Barnes

That is a shiite song, and a shiite rap.
Whenever I hear John Barnes being interviewed I tend to view anything he says as pretty irrelevant.
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Nguyen_Sinh_Cung Posted on 26/09/2019 06:38

Well said John Barnes

Barnes has defended a Man City player accused of racism. Bernie Silva tweeted a pic of some cartoon black kid and likened it to team mate Benny Mendy. Politically Offended People (The POP) have got onto it and called for heads.

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