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pfc_blues Posted on 23/09/2019 14:10
Team for tomorrow?
What we all going for, for me....

Bolton burgess (insert anyone here) haunstrup
Evans naylor mcrorie curtis
Pitman marquis

Need players who are going to be up for this. Burgess, Evans, naylor, Curtis and marquis will all have something about them to wind the opposition up and hit them hard. Mccrorie has played in old firm games so will have experienced atmospheres like it before. The big worry as expected will be who plays at the back. Can we just draft in Thompson, what ough, Curtis and brown for one game?!
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Gulf_of_Tonking Posted on 23/09/2019 14:49

Team for tomorrow?

Hawkins did OK in the last game, and I think Williams will start, and Evans will come on. Agree on Naylor and McCrorie in the centre.

I would bring on Downing later on if required - and send Hawkins up front.

Is Harrison banned?
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sometimeshappy Posted on 23/09/2019 15:57

Team for tomorrow?

Naylor is doubtful for tomorrow according to the manager. The rule is if your sent off you're banned so Harrison is banned.
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dawnshandbag Posted on 23/09/2019 16:27

Team for tomorrow?

Evans Burgess Naylor Walkes
Curtis Close McG Marquis Hawkins
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kingo Posted on 23/09/2019 18:45

Team for tomorrow?

If we're not good enough to win with creative football, I would settle for one winger and Hawkins and Pitman alongside each other up front. There's only a point to Oli if he has someone beside him and you don't need two wingers if you're launching the ball from deeper.
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pfc_blues Posted on 24/09/2019 05:49

Team for tomorrow?

Sometimeshappy. Yes I'm sure we are all aware that a sending off means a ban. But I think you'll find they changed the rules last season to stop players getting an unnecessary ban to miss a cup game they wouldn't have played in anyway. I can't remember if that was for red cards or the resulting ban after a culmination of yellow cards though. Remember the silly thing of us having players suspended for the fa cup match against norwich/qpr because of two yellows despite them not having played in competition before that so couldn't have players suspended.
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mikey393 Posted on 24/09/2019 16:21

Team for tomorrow?

3-5-2 Formation
Burgess Downing Hawkins
Bolton McC Naylor Cannon Haustrup
Pitman Marquis

Subs: Williams, Bass, Maloney, Close, Curtis

We need to get at their very vulnerable defence like the Cherries did.

Put McC or Naylor on Ward Prowse to cut him out of the game.
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