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Ghost_of_DeepBlue Posted on 06/10/2018 18:23
Edited On: 06/10/2018 18:56My ratings today
It's official now ... we've got a problem in home games and it's been the same thing in the last 3 games we have not won, and that is that we simply do not work as hard as the opposition and if they press we revert to slow possession football. This needs fixing quickly because our away form is bound to dip sometime.

McGillivray 7 Did nothing wrong
Thompson 6 Got forward well in first half but like the rest of the team seems to have forgotten how to cross the ball.
Whatmough 6 Given a hard time by Eaves but coped well on the whole
Clarke 6 Not at his best defensively and a couple of poor clearance efforts put us under pressure
Brown 6 Defensively solid but poor delivery from corners.
Close 5 Too slow in possession
Naylor 5 Not his best game and some very wayward distribution.
Lowe 5 Not sure how he got MOTM, never really threatened today
Evans 5 Never really got into it
Curtis 6 an OK perfromance but spoilt by overhit crosses. At least he kept trying.
Pitman 5 Poor service, but he lacked movement. I thought we missed Hawkins today.

Subs Thompson 8 MOTM for me, looked closer to what we saw on his debut
Wheeler 5 Missed opportunity to impress
Hawkins Not really on long enough to get a rating

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bluebob Posted on 06/10/2018 18:54

My ratings today

Agree with all. Just donít get how Close gets in ahead of Thompson a far better player in every sense.
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blueshark Posted on 06/10/2018 19:01

My ratings today

Think DB is pretty much on the ball, we had several out there who were way below par today. But Gillingham deserve credit for doing a job on us today & defended for their lives. And in Eaves they had a big mobile CF who led our defenders a merry dance. Worth a cheeky bid in Jan if his performance today & also last season here are anything to go by.
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Pedalo_menders Posted on 06/10/2018 19:23

My ratings today

Bob, close is a better passer, Thompson a better tackler. It was a day for tackling, not passing.

Thought Whatmough had a rough day. Another chance for Burgess to claim his spot back.

Agree our crossing was awful but hard to tell what the wind was doing from my sofa.

Not particularly worried as we have enough to prevent this happening again. Keen to see a good performance for Wimbledon.
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Pedalo_menders Posted on 06/10/2018 19:25
Edited On: 06/10/2018 19:25
My ratings today

Double post
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chrismilanman Posted on 06/10/2018 19:26

My ratings today

Good thing is that we are away next. The old plague of the home game is back. I agree Ben Thompson injected pace an energy and should start until he gets sent off everytime.
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jimmyjames Posted on 06/10/2018 20:14

My ratings today

Yes Ben Thompson MOM for me too - must start ahead of Close from now on
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Bucket26 Posted on 06/10/2018 21:11

My ratings today

Think Close is bettered by Thompson in every department currently, to be honest. Thompson's passing was sharper and more forward thinking today - Close can definitely be as good a player (if not better), but right now he's not.

The second goal killed it today, a rare mistake at the back from a corner and boom, suddenly the second half becomes a huge test. It just didn't really go our way, we still played well in the second half. We'll be ok.. I think.. if we can cut out the XXXXXX awful crosses

Barnsley and Sunderland are definitely looming though
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hammie9 Posted on 06/10/2018 22:48

My ratings today

don't get why we still pump it in the air when Pitman is up front, which makes him look stupid. Yet he did head the ball back along the line twice for sitters if anyone else was thinking about what was the only thing he could do with over hit crosses. Would rather have seem Mason come on to play number ten, with pitman in front of him, with Lowe off for me. Not sure we can play Curtis, Wheeler and Lowe at the same time. Again taking thompson off an dropping Wheeler back did not work. Bad day all round, Gills wanted it more, move on.
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