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Prozac Posted on 27/09/2018 17:17
Edited On: 27/09/2018 17:18A big 7 days
3 games in a week.
If we can take 7 points Iíll be over the moon and we will be cementing the fact we are the real deal.
Itís going to be a tough ask but if we have aspirations to go the distance, this will send the message go the rest of the league.
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tricky_ricky_pfc Posted on 27/09/2018 20:41

A big 7 days

That would be 12 games unbeaten, and Ricky might have to have a celebratory tug.
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BilltheCat Posted on 27/09/2018 21:00

A big 7 days

Bill is obliged to cover his beer: "don't listen, darling!"
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smoke_and_a_pancake Posted on 27/09/2018 22:58

A big 7 days

A few observations.

It's not three games in a week is it? Why do people do that with football? Saturday through to Saturday is 8 days. That's over a week.

I thought Bill was covering his beer because of Ricky's celebratory tug. Is Ricky a heavy creamer? Does Ricky plan on a Pollockesque finale that is so pervasive that our beer gets a "Ricky top"?
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Gooders Posted on 28/09/2018 02:16

A big 7 days

we are a top 6 team potentially regardless of points collected in next 3 games.
i am yet to be convinced about top 2 though.

at some point soon enough we will fall out of top 2 as i just cannot see from my armchair in manila our luck contunuing in tight games.

we gave rarely ripped the opposition a new one...and dont look capable imo
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Prozac Posted on 28/09/2018 07:09

A big 7 days

Thatís the point Gooders.
Iím not sure either but if we did take 7 points from the next 3 games then it would prove to me at least that our form must be more than luck. Like you Iím not convinced but want to be.

Sat 3pm -sun 3pm 1 day
Sun 3pm - mon 3pm 2 days
Mon 3pm - tues 3pm 3days
Tues 3pm - wed 3pm 4days
Weíd 3pm - thur 3pm 5 days
Thur 3 pm - fri 3pm 6 days
Fri 3 pm - sat 3pm 7 days

Iíd say that constitutes 7days oh and 90mins extra.
True thatís into the day 8 but by 90 mins!
ďPeople do thatĒ plural not singular. Do you also stir your tea in a anti-clockwise motion?
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bpay123 Posted on 28/09/2018 09:53

A big 7 days

You only be happy with Pompey when we are smashing every team we play?
Some 'supporters'...
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Bluenote Posted on 28/09/2018 13:15

A big 7 days

We've been pretty much outplayed by two lowly teams so far so top 2 doesn't convince me either, but we should be in the mix.
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tricky_ricky_pfc Posted on 28/09/2018 17:24

A big 7 days

Smoke, 9 points and that very situation may well transpire.

In terms of being a heavy creamer, weíve already got one of those on here [;)]
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smoke_and_a_pancake Posted on 28/09/2018 22:02

A big 7 days

It's over a week. Redknapp used to do it loads, I often hear managers and commentators do it, so yeah, plural, you aren't the only one who doesn't know how many days there are in a week. There is the Beatles for a start.

Stirring tea? Don't know what you are on about.

And Ricky..... Yes, that role is already filled.
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cunninglinguist Posted on 29/09/2018 05:51

A big 7 days

Should have called it 'A big week'.

Eight days is a very big week.
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Prozac Posted on 29/09/2018 08:43

A big 7 days

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smoke_and_a_pancake Posted on 04/10/2018 21:57
Edited On: 04/10/2018 21:59
A big 7 days

Kenny Jackett can count! Or can he?

Apparently the team should be able to handle two games in a week.

But he also mentions three games in a week!

Link: Sorry Prozac, read this and thought of you. xxx
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smoke_and_a_pancake Posted on 04/10/2018 22:33

A big 7 days

Bit harsh. He gets it now that there are only seven days in a week, I was only teasing him Give him a break.
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Prozac Posted on 04/10/2018 22:45

A big 7 days

Titter titter!😂
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