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Pompey_Fans_CF Posted on 16/08/2018 12:57
THIS MESSAGE BOARD: A user's guide - please read
This Portsmouth FC message board has been in existence since 2000, originally as part of the Rivals' network, and in those 18 years it has operated under some simple principles. They remain pretty much unchanged. To get the most out of using this message board please take a few minutes to take note of them.

1. This message board is open access and as uncensored as possible. Provided a user plays by what passes as the 'rules' they will be welcome to post on here. If you know username X winds you up, then don't open the message. Similarly, opposition fans are welcome on here, even if they are on the wind up. However, if you're an opposition fan who gets flamed as a result, don't come squinnying to us. Likewise, Pompey fans on here are cut significantly more slack than opposition fans. It might not be 'fair' but that's how it is.

2. Debates on this message board are not 'managed' at all if possible. You can't go 'off topic' here. However if the debating goes out the window and threads descend into playground squabbling, we reserve the right to clean the thread up or remove it all together.

3. While this is primarily a Pompey message board, there are very few topics which are off limits. We can't even tell you what those topics which are might be, as context is everything. This board is, by and large, not an arbiter of 'good taste' either. However, we are subject to the laws of the land and in some circumstances posts might have to be removed if they potentially break the criminal or civil law.

4. Treat other posters with respect. While you may not always agree with their point of view, there is no need for abuse. However, your username is not the real you, so don't get too precious if someone is less than gentle with you. Most swear words are filtered out, plus a variety of creative variations. As ever, still more imaginative ways will be found to swear, however. If you really must use an expletive, please don't put it in the message subject header.

5. The posting of personal details (eg telephone numbers, addresses, social network pages etc) on here without consent is an absolute no-no. Likewise, any reference to 'real' people (including players) should be considered. If you wouldn't say it to their face, then don't say it on here.

6. Accounts which are, in our view, being used to stifle discussion or disrupt the board, will be suspended, and related posts removed.

7. Alert the moderation team to any posts you feel break the guidelines above. The message board is monitored regularly, but with more than 650 members and upwards of 100 posts a day at peak times, we can't read every post. Start a thread on the message board, contact: site_admin@truebluearmy.com with any concerns or click the 'report post'* link in the message board header.

8. Members are very rarely banned. However, we reserve the right to do so. If you are banned by us, then you must have really and truly cheesed us off.


* Site_Admin
* Site_Admin_1

If you would like to help moderate the message board, according to the guidelines above, contact: site_admin@truebluearmy.com
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