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blueinbrum2 Posted on 09/08/2018 18:49
Think any chance of.....
signing that ‘pacy striker’ was off the FP agenda several days ago despite some vague “things can change” comments by KJ. No recent rumours and, so far today no “we tried but couldn’t get it over the line” statements from the Club. Could turn out to be a costly lack of action by the Club. Not a fan of relying on loans but let’s see what happens now, if anything.
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pfc_blues Posted on 09/08/2018 19:17

Think any chance of.....

Couple of weeks to see who's not featuring in championship squads and get someone in on loan. Only wheeler on loan at the moment so won't be having the situation on our lineup being made up of loans.
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chave Posted on 10/08/2018 08:19

Think any chance of.....

I'm hopeful that, come August, Jackett will have been proved right to wait until the end of the Premier League window, wait for championship clubs to get their loans in, and then pick up a good player. Of course, I may be horribly wrong, but it's the hope that kills you [^]
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bpay123 Posted on 10/08/2018 10:05

Think any chance of.....

Costly lack of action pffft...

A Better Goalkeeper signed
A better left back signed
A better centre midfielder signed
A versatile reliable player signed
2 wingers capable of scoring goals signed
A non league unknown, but we are going to give him a chance signed.

The best centre back in the league, kept.

But lets keep going on about a pacy fecking striker wont we!
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Bluetag Posted on 10/08/2018 10:09

Think any chance of.....

Im more worried we didnt get a playmaker midfielder
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OhToddyToddy Posted on 10/08/2018 10:09

Think any chance of.....

BPay all undeniable progress but I think there is a valid case to answer that, not for the first time at Pompey, Jackett has traded up in the lower priority areas.

Brandon was all at sea on the wing for the opener and central midfield was a dual carriageway for Luton.

Both areas we knew about from the outset of the window with Kal going and us having a gap in the middle virtually all of last season.

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scooter62 Posted on 10/08/2018 10:21

Think any chance of.....

Lowe = pacy striker / goal scorer
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