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fodgey-ducker Posted on 12/06/2018 11:15
I am confident!
That next season the squad that KJ is putting together is going to win this league, also I was glad that we did not go last season.

I am not a betting man but the last time we won this div under Bobby Campbell I was working in Cheshire, & when I found out that we had signed Mark Hateley I went to a bookies in Neston & asked him what odds he would give on Pompey championship chances?

25/1 he said I said okay I'll have a tenner on it!

The next May I went to the bookie shop & gave the girl my betting slip, she said "this is dated last year" a voice from behind her said "is that the fvckin Pompey bet?" Yes I gladly replied! Luvely chubbly...

get on it lads.. From mystic Pompeydave...[^][^][;)][8D]
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Pedalo_menders Posted on 12/06/2018 11:54

I am confident!

Not sure the signings are going to generate 30 more points than last season but I love your optimism!

I do think the league is weaker this year. We also look to have signed some experienced players defensively and have a bit more depth to the squad. Close and Haunstrup are another year into their careers which will help too.

I think top 6 is realistic and we’ll have a decent punt in the playoffs
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OptimusPrimus Posted on 12/06/2018 12:14
Edited On: 12/06/2018 12:15
I am confident!

Close and Haunstrup are going to struggle to get into this side at this rate.

We need to turn more draws into wins and we need KJ not to XXXXXX about with the team, playing politics like he did for the first chunk of the season before he brought Rose back.

In other words, KJ needs to use pre-season appropriately and know his side before we start the season.

Do that, keep pace with Sunderland and we'll be right in the mix.
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JIMBON Posted on 12/06/2018 12:46

I am confident!

Mark Hateley only played for us in the 1983-84 season when we finished 16th in the old Second Division. We got promoted the season before in 1982-83 when Alan Biley was the goal hero with 25. Hateley got 27 the following year in his only season with the club.
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TAFKAGDR Posted on 12/06/2018 14:50

I am confident!

I must admit that until we'd signed or been linked with our new signings i'd never heard of a single one of them.

Might be a bit early to stick the champers in the fridge just yet.
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