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PFC23Tommy Posted on 10/06/2018 11:45
Pure football
Sunderland messageboard

Link: Sunderland
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TamponKid Posted on 10/06/2018 11:56

Pure football


more to the point why arenít we blowing these c*nts out the watter if we want him?"

Maybe because its that attitude that have got you in league 1 you brain dead Geordie cvnt.

They are right Though. Sunderland are a bigger club than Pompey. Difference is were on the rise and they're sinking like a rock.
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Gulf_of_Tonking Posted on 10/06/2018 11:59

Pure football

To be fair, since WW2 - they did win the FA cup in 1973.

And they were massive in the 1890's
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Isaac-Hunt Posted on 10/06/2018 12:13

Pure football

When they had the Roker Roar
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Vincent_the_ninja Posted on 10/06/2018 12:54

Pure football

Technically not Geordies
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PFC23Tommy Posted on 10/06/2018 14:03

Pure football

It's certainly stirred the fukkers up
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TamponKid Posted on 10/06/2018 14:17

Pure football

"I didn't say he was right, but you have to try and see things from his perspective. He'll have seen them win the cup, they've just been promoted from the fourth tier and followed up with a steady performance in the third. They've emerged stronger from a torrid time recently. They get decent crowds, they are a club on the up and are one of the favourites to get promoted. You lot on the other hand have just had back to back relegations that was preceded by years of escaping relegation. I'd not use the phrase bigger as it is so subjective. I'd say a club far more likely to succeed."

Couldn't have put it better myself. Always preferred Newcastle.
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OptimusPrimus Posted on 10/06/2018 14:25

Pure football

There is a similar post on here about Naismith where the shoe is on the other foot.

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Gulf_of_Tonking Posted on 10/06/2018 17:00

Pure football

Wouldn't it be great to see a spat between the scummers and the mackems about who is the biggest

Mackem - we've won six league titles
Scummer - what have you won since 1975?
Mackem - You've never won the league
Scummer - We've spent 40 years out of the last 50 in the top flight
Mackem - But what have you won?
Scummer - We've been competing at the top table for most of my life
Mackem - We've had 75k at Roker park
Scummer - We've got 200 million social media followers
Mackem - We've got a 50k stadium
Scummer- We've made 200 million pounds in the last few years
Mackem - But what have you won?
Scummer - The respect of most football fans in England for our set up
Mackem - You live in a XXXXXX town
Scummer- So do you
Mackem - You've not won anything since the seventies
Scummer - Neither have you
Mackem - We play in nice unsuccessful stripey red kit
Scummer - So do we
Mackem - We are very jealous of our rivals
Scummer - So are we
Mackem - I'll buy you a drink
Scummer- Babycham please

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Prozac Posted on 10/06/2018 20:48

Pure football

They are the kings of the fire drill though!
Not spurs or scum do it better!

They are the biggest club in our league!
You have to be 50 to remember seeing them win anything?
And even then youíre 5!!

Letís enjoy the games against them. Theyíll bring a great following and so will we!
Who will be loudest?
Well that will depend on who plays the best in their case!
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Tomsk Posted on 10/06/2018 23:15

Pure football

Ha ha very good Tonks [^] [smi]
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