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OptimusPrimus Posted on 14/05/2018 20:17
Edited On: 14/05/2018 20:28Lee Martin free transfer
Apparently we are in for the Gillingham captain Martin who is on a free.

He's the one who got the pair against us at home this season.

Started out at United then moved to Ipswich under Keane.

More pace than Naismith and a decent dead ball specialist who proved against us he can get in the right areas.

Can play left wing and centre mid.

Got a bit of a temper on him, maybe the bite in midfield we have lacked this year.

Decent business IMO
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hammie9 Posted on 14/05/2018 22:00

Lee Martin free transfer

from your description does sound just what we need and a southern based player already
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Tomsk Posted on 14/05/2018 22:15

Lee Martin free transfer

He must be getting on a bit now, didn't he score the winner in the 1990 FA Cup final?
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Prozac Posted on 14/05/2018 22:16

Lee Martin free transfer

A good source optimis?
Certainly on that game he would be a great addition.
Curtis looks a done deal as well.
Pompey getting their moves done quickly. Iím impressed Kenny, letís hope itís true
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jim2383 Posted on 14/05/2018 22:31
Edited On: 14/05/2018 22:32
Lee Martin free transfer

Was impressed with Martin at fratton..scored a cracker as well
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cunninglinguist Posted on 14/05/2018 22:42

Lee Martin free transfer

Guess how many goals he scored for Gillingham.......

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Prozac Posted on 15/05/2018 04:47

Lee Martin free transfer

Now Iím laughing cunning!
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HilseaPFC Posted on 15/05/2018 07:14

Lee Martin free transfer

17 goals in 13 years [sad]
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OptimusPrimus Posted on 15/05/2018 16:14
Edited On: 15/05/2018 16:15
Lee Martin free transfer

You make it sound like a sentence Hilsea [;)]

Source much more hit than miss, works at PFC.

Says Peterborough also looking at him.
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OptimusPrimus Posted on 21/05/2018 13:49

Lee Martin free transfer

This one is picking up. He's been released.

Link: Martin free agent
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Prozac Posted on 21/05/2018 15:43

Lee Martin free transfer

Posh are being linked with him too!
Gills fans, well one or two of them are laughing at us thinking it was based on his game winning showing at fratton. Apparently that was not his normal showing.
Heís been let go as one of the higher earners. Acknowledged as influential but gets a lot of suspensions.
Certainly fits the Pompey need in midfield for a leader and one with bite.
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