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Prozac Posted on 13/05/2018 18:01
Scum. Thank feck for swansea
Being even more ‘utterly XXXXXXe’!
A successful season. No doubt we can look forward to their delusional feckwits telling us how next year they will be in the champs league!
Onwards we go, let’s hope for another repeat for them next season, maybe going one better or worse depending on your position.
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cunninglinguist Posted on 13/05/2018 18:56

Scum. Thank feck for swansea

Makes me chuckle.

No chance of promotion.

No hope of a place in Europe.

Over inflated season ticket prices to watch an extremely poor side getting dicked by average sides like Spurs.

Watching their club bled dry by yet another set of foreign owners who are only interested in the money they can leech from the poor saps.

I bet they secretly wished they'd gone down.

They couldn't even achieve top spot amongst south coast clubs.
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Gulf_of_Tonking Posted on 13/05/2018 19:02
Edited On: 13/05/2018 19:07
Scum. Thank feck for swansea

Whatever they say, and however they spin it - a lot of them gave up on their team, so much so that they now share the all time all PL attendance low record with Chelsea for a final at the new Wembley - a feat they managed all by themselves because too many of their fans feebly gave up.

They know it, we know it - but it will all be "we are the south coast's biggest and most successful team bla bla". But -what have they ever won whilst in the top flight?
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BettySwallocks Posted on 14/05/2018 06:51

Scum. Thank feck for swansea

mores to the point; what have they ever won?
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TamponKid Posted on 14/05/2018 09:30
Edited On: 14/05/2018 09:33
Scum. Thank feck for swansea

Nail on thr head gulf. "Even in tough times we stood together" thats what their twitter page posted. Fvcking hilarious.
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Tomsk Posted on 14/05/2018 10:43

Scum. Thank feck for swansea

"But -what have they ever won whilst in the top flight?"

The really hilarious thing is that if they'd actually shown some ambition and held on to the Lallanas, Sanes, Sneiderlins, van Dykes, etc, etc then they might well have wom something and maybe even kicked on to the next level
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