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petepompeypoet Posted on 06/05/2018 09:14
Swansea v Scummers Tuesday
C'mon you Swans, need a final hammer in there coffin Tuesday from you

Come Tuesday your gonna have all us Pompey Swans supporting you in Pompey blue

pete pompey poet. PUP
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1teeminants Posted on 06/05/2018 12:21

Swansea v Scummers Tuesday

Thanks for that you lovely skate

Have you walked League 1 ?

Or left it too late

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TAFKAGDR Posted on 06/05/2018 12:30

Swansea v Scummers Tuesday

1teem will need waterproof facepaint as well as waterproof knickers on tuesday if he doesn't want his tears to show.
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1teeminants Posted on 06/05/2018 12:35

Swansea v Scummers Tuesday

Lol some of my best times over the years have been following saints in league 1. Loved it.
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TAFKAGDR Posted on 06/05/2018 13:06

Swansea v Scummers Tuesday

Yeah, Jimmy Hill.
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petepompeypoet Posted on 06/05/2018 19:43

Swansea v Scummers Tuesday

You lot will be in championship next season

The poor running of your club being the reason

You fools got the Frenchman the sack

Well bet you wish you hadn't got on his back

See supporters back a manager when it's going bad and well

Our lot have had loads of bad, difference sack the manager we don't yell

We support and back our club, ownership, manager, and players through thick and thin

Learning how to do this you scummers, might be a good way to begin

When the going gets tough your lot begin to whine

Unlike Pompey supporters who I'm honoured to call mine

Get down you scummers, your whole club top to bottom is the pits

Your stinking football club and all connected, give me the s.its

Come on you Swans

pete pompey poet

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1teeminants Posted on 06/05/2018 20:54

Swansea v Scummers Tuesday

My dear Pompey poet you appear to talk Shyte

Claud Puel with Leicester doesn’t sit right

It was only a matter of time before they saw what we knew

Claud Puel was a cheap option too.

Whatever happens at the end of the season

We’ll all be here come rhyme or reason

26,000 in the championship ,21,000 league 1

Beat supported club in the south second to none.

No go away Pete I have destroyed you on here

Plan for next season league 1 far and near.

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Gulf_of_Tonking Posted on 06/05/2018 22:04

Swansea v Scummers Tuesday

Iteem must be Jemima Hill

...and he must be proud to support the 2nd biggest club in Hampshire

... the club who last hit the big time in the seventies, before half of their supporters were born.
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oi_oi_saveloy Posted on 07/05/2018 14:35

Swansea v Scummers Tuesday

Spectators not supporters
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Spartansreturn Posted on 07/05/2018 19:22

Swansea v Scummers Tuesday

Hang on 1 teem what about those empty seats at Wembley. V poor
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oi_oi_saveloy Posted on 07/05/2018 19:28

Swansea v Scummers Tuesday

Empty seats no way!!!! they’re a massive club ...... 89 to boro.
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Fratton Posted on 07/05/2018 19:46
Edited On: 07/05/2018 19:53
Swansea v Scummers Tuesday

Interesting story in the Sun re attendances, reported vs actual. It seems most clubs do it, not sure why but

Quote Southampton were alongside City in having an official attendance 17 per cent higher than its actual gate.

The club said it had an average crowd of 30,478 but just 26,105 passed through the turnstiles at St Mary's stadium.

The Saints' 4-1 home defeat to Leicester attracted just 21,598 fans to the 32,505-capacity stadium. The club published an attendance of 30,478.

Link: Not quite full
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PFC23Tommy Posted on 07/05/2018 21:17

Swansea v Scummers Tuesday

Whats it matter if they sell the tickets.
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Wrighty2 Posted on 08/05/2018 03:23

Swansea v Scummers Tuesday

And who was City’s lowest attendance against ? Yeap you guessed it scummers, sense bit of theme [cr]
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foreverblue62 Posted on 08/05/2018 10:45

Swansea v Scummers Tuesday

On a similar theme.. did anyone believe Pompey's attendance of 18k+ Saturday? More like 16 I would have thought.
I guess they included the season ticket holders who didn't show. I'm surprised this is acceptable given that H&S would expect some kind of true attendance figure, in event of emergency evac etc.
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