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DeepBlue Posted on 11/03/2018 14:24
My ratings yesterday
In the cold light of the next day this was not another Blackpool. It couldn't be when we played so well for the first 45 mins, and but for two misses would have put the game to bed. But what was so disappointing was the lack of confidence that spread through the team so quickly when things went against them. The game hung on three incidents IMO and they all went against us, Lowe's one on one miss, the referee missing Parker's head-butt, and Ronan's free kick coming back off the post. If any of those had gone the right way I suspect we would not have lost.

McGee 6 No chance with the first or third, but should have been prepared for everyone missing it for the second (that always looked the most likely outcome from my angle), but looked short of confidence throughout.
Whatmough 7 Nice to see him back and looking strong in the tackle, and he covered mistakes by others on more than one occasion and nearly did so again for their first.
Burgess 3 What has gone wrong with him ? He is so full of mistakes at the moment and his body language is all wrong. Needs a good game desperately to get his confidence back.
Clarke 6 Not at this best today, not sure 3 at the back suits him when defending even if its suits his love of surging forward with the ball. His distribution was very poor today too and that resulting in him hoofing it up front too often.
Walkes 7 Wing back role suited him quite well, should have had two very good assists to his name but Lowe missed them both.
Close 4 Looked lost in the different formation. OK on the ball when he got it but chasing shadows and unsure of his positioning off the ball.
Ronan 6 Flashes of his class in a very good first half, but other than his free kick did very little in the second. Needs the team to be playing better around him because he is not yet experienced enough to lift the team on his own.
Donohue 5 Some good tackles, but for me if this was his big chance to prove he can cut it in midfield he failed to deliver the performance he needed.
Deslandes 4 Not sure if he has ever played wing back before but it didn't look like it. Like Donohue he missed an opportunity to impress.
Naismith 7 MOTM for me. Put in a great shift, worked tirelessly and linked up well at times with Lowe, not least with his assist for the goal.
Lowe 6 Scared the life out of their defence in the first half, great goal but pity about the two misses - the one on one being particularly inexcusable. Then did absolutely nothing in the second half.

Haunstrup 6 Did enough to show that he should have started ahead of Deslandes.
Chaplin 5 No chance to impress.

Jackett 5 Deserves some credit for recognising that something completely different was needed after Blackpool and for taking a risk by playing 352 without experienced wing backs or any out and out strikers. Got away with that superbly in the first half and they clearly were unprepared for our tactics. But was far too slow to react when they adjusted and nullified us in the second and should have changed formation again much sooner than he did. And you have to question what he said at half-time when a second half performance is that much worse than the first. The only mitigating factor is that the experience in the squad has been ravaged by injury, but the season could now easily drift away to nothing so desperately needs to beat Oldham & Oxford. And both those games are winnable.
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foreverblue62 Posted on 11/03/2018 15:07

My ratings yesterday

Agree with much of this. Agreed I can't see any reason why Deslandes should play ahead of Haunstrup. Agree KJ seemed to have no idea how to respond to Gills higher tempo 2nd half. Agree Lowe disappeared and sulked on the touchline 2nd half. I would mark Walkes down a little as I thought he fell away badly 2nd half and I'd probably make Ronan my MOM for keeping going when the rest of the sorry bunch gave up. Only thing I really disagree on is Naismith who I thought lost the ball far too easily, but that's just a matter of personal opinion.
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tazkev Posted on 11/03/2018 16:16

My ratings yesterday

A good appraisal in General but clearly a game of opinions, so for me, here goes:

Magee, seriously lacked confidence and failed to communicate with the back four....4
Whatmough, superb in the air, read the game well, understandable that he ran out of gas a little....7
Burgess, a shocking display, seems to have lost confidence, physique and motivation. Could he be sulking that he is not skipper.....3
Clarke, not his best game, but still gave 100%...6
Walkes, I donít really get him, you expect him to have pace, but he doesnít, he seems to play as a wing back even if it is supposed to be a flat back 4, he tend to drift too much, notwithstanding this was he best game in my opinion....6
Close, busy, worked hard but itís just not happening for Ben at present....5
Ronan, busy, bright but was too easily eased off the ball, very unlucky with the free kick....6
Donahue, what did he do? He have proven he is not a good fullback, I was hopeful of a performance in midfield and he was anonymous. Never really got the hype on him in recent weeks.....4
Deslandes, did he have his boots on the right feet? If he never plays for us again it would be too soon on that performance......2
Naismith, energy, effort passion and desire, with little or no service, tired towards end......7
Lowe, on fire in the first half extinguished in the second...6


Haunstrup, how is Deslandes or Donahue ever playing before him, he was made to look a bit foolish when delivering first class crosses that the forwards didnít show the desire to get on the end of......6.5
Chaplin, no impact

Jackett, pride and passion missing......5
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Bluenote Posted on 11/03/2018 17:33

My ratings yesterday

Be better to do separate ratings for the two halves.
My feeling is that all 11 players were abducted in the interval by aliens who are quite intrigued by footy but have no idea how to play it....
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smoke_and_a_pancake Posted on 11/03/2018 18:09

My ratings yesterday

Blimey. Agree with all of that except....

Naismith. I thought he looked really poor.
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bluebob Posted on 11/03/2018 20:07

My ratings yesterday

Pretty much agree with most of that but agree that I thought Naismith was poor. Lowe seems to struggle to last for 90 min seems to me he has a fitness issue.
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Peter_Mellors_Got_No_Hair Posted on 11/03/2018 21:01

My ratings yesterday

My ones;
And 3 is Drew Talbot on that day, 4 is very poor, 5 is poor, 6 is ok, 7 good, 8 great, 9 Paul Merson and nobody gets a 10...well Messi perhaps.

McGee 6 - That second goal happens a lot to keepers. Damned if you do etc

Whatmough 7 Great to see him back and strong.

Burgess 5 Confidence looks shot and overthinking. Back to basics, head, clear and block. Our good centre backs are under a lot of pressure with no real midfield, but they have to learn that they don't have to win every ball. Stand up, be strong, and make them have to beat you.

Clarke 5 Same as Burgess. With regards the hoofing, all 3 cb's at some stage hit the ball out of play while trying difficult passes. You have to look at the lack of options given to them by their teammates as well.

Walkes 6 - Ok. Stopped getting forward 2nd half

Close 5 - Tried, but didn't influence or protect. 3 touches aren't required everytime! Take a chance now and again and try a first time ball.

Ronan 5 - Thought he looked like a schoolboy. He is lightweight and did as much as he could to try and retain possession and get it back to who played him the ball. Very little impact, despite looking skilful. Good player in time perhaps, but we needed a solid, strong midfielder.

Donohue 6 Stronger, and filled in. Drove forward a few times first half. Still not convinced he is a midfielder.

Deslandes 5 Not enough. Haunstrup looks better.

Naismith 7 MOTM for me as well. Everything good in the 1st half came through him and combined so well with Lowe. Never gave him any service second.

Lowe 7 Great first half. Caused havoc. Strikers miss chances. No service second half. Shooting practice all week.

Haunstrup 6 3 decent crosses in a short period.

Chaplin 5 Get in the box!!!!!!!
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Pompey_in_Derby Posted on 11/03/2018 21:43

My ratings yesterday

Thought Close had a great first half - just ahead of Naismith.

Second half was poor all round with Haunstrup the best of the bunch.
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Staunch Posted on 12/03/2018 18:34

My ratings yesterday

Spot on DeepBlue.
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TAFKAGDR Posted on 12/03/2018 18:36

My ratings yesterday


That's a first.
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hammie9 Posted on 12/03/2018 22:55

My ratings yesterday

on the whole we look most dangerous up front when Naismith plays with another pacy player. Still don't get what Chaplin did wrong to get dropped.
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