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Bluetag Posted on 14/02/2018 16:42
Edited On: 14/02/2018 16:42Last night
Going on recent games. I am now convinced we wont make the play-offs. A top 10 place is realistic but we are miles off from championship standard, it would take a rebuild of at least 10 players in the summer to do that.
McGee-not Champ standard yet
Clarke -yes
Burgess - no L1 tops
Donohue - could be
Evans - not even L1 standard
Lowe - L1 at best
Chaplin -L1
Pitman - past it, L1
Hawkins - could be
Kennedy - could be
The rest - L1/L2.
I think what will happen is that the next season or 2 it will be a slow build up with young'uns and the odd old hand, then a challenge for the championship. Hope I'm wrong but going on the last half a dozen performances it looks like a slog.

Also can't quite make my mind up about Jackett. He's not really dynamic ( then again he's not a gobsh!te like Cook or Cotterill). The football is slightly boring and a bit hoofball. He also seems to have stopped our attacking players from attacking. Plus he signed strikers that don't seem to play together. His substitutions are a bit strange on occasions and he persists in 4231 when we don't have the players for it.

Still, I'll be there at FP as usual next home again. PUP
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