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DeepBlue Posted on 13/01/2018 18:18
Edited On: 13/01/2018 23:00My ratings today
I'd have settled for a draw before the game but finished annoyed that we threw away a good winning opportunity. Very much a game of two halves and my ratings reflect that.

McGee 7 Not that much to but one decent save and good handling throughout.
Hawkins 4 in first half, 5 in second just for the spell towards the end when Lowe dropped back to full back and he started looking comfortable again. He may be able to play centre back but today proved he can't play in a back three.
Burgess 8 Back to his best, and mistake free in defensive positions.
Clarke 8 Immense as ever.
Lowe 7 Good goal, good work rate throughout, and decent cameo at right back towards the end
Close 6 Thought he gave the ball away more than usual, but linked well with Ronan in first half.
Thompson 8 Proved he can play that position well, and some great tackles.
Ronan 9 first half, 5 in the second. A very, very talented player, fantastic first half hour when playing in the role that suited him, totally ineffective in second half when pushed out wider. But I'd agree with the MOTM awayd for this first half only.
Donohue 7 OKish, but has said he doesn't like playing wing-back and it showed.
Pitman 8 first half/4 second. Looked back to his best with a partner in the first half, and even gave a Robertsesque lesson in defending from the front, but totally ineffective playing in the middle on his own in the second.
Naismith 7 first half / 5 second. Looked a bit short of match-fit sharpness but worked hard in first half, much less effective when stuck out on the wing in the second.

May 6 Difficult circumstances in which to come on when the team was playing so poorly and never really got into it.
Kennedy 6 Nowhere near as good on the right as he is on the left.

Jackett 9 for the first half, 3 for the second. Caught them by surprise with brave choice to go 352 which worked so well apart from Hawkins looking like a fish out of water, so why on earth did he change the tactics in the second, rendering Naismith and Ronan both ineffective by pushing them out wider, and also isolating Pitman. That change handed them domination of the game, Thompson and Close got overrun without Ronan in front of them and the substitutions did not fix that, although they did fix the Hawkins problem.
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