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Richiethewhizz Posted on 12/01/2018 17:25
Sonny Badley
I see on the Plymouth supporters PASOTI, a rumour that Pompey are after Sonny Bradley for £250,000 , along with Wigan........[?]
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BlueView Posted on 12/01/2018 17:59

Sonny Badley

250k for Sonny Bradley and Wigan, eh?
If itís the town, itís not worth it.
If itís the team, then great value.
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maitlandpollock Posted on 12/01/2018 17:59

Sonny Badley

They'll have to pay us more than that
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ForeverBlue Posted on 12/01/2018 18:54

Sonny Badley

You got the name right, Sonny Badley.
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Prozac Posted on 12/01/2018 21:55

Sonny Badley

Sonny Bradley??
Someone is having a laugh and it's not us!!
No way would we pay £250k for a defender who would be the 4th best CD defender we have.

Graham Carey on the other hand.
Although I'd like to know why he stayed with Derek Adams anti football regimen in Plymouth.
I'd have him here
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chrismilanman Posted on 13/01/2018 01:22

Sonny Badley

Don't need Wigan we have enough piers here to go round. Also I don't see what Sonny B(r)adley could offer.

So I would stick with our young ones and maybe some champs or prem loanees like the Chelsea lad. This season is for building, everything team ground etc.

On the scunny site, the word is they turn up, turn on their talent take 3 points and head back to the steel factory, just got a feeling it may not happen, here's hoping.
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