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SJMaskell Posted on 18/10/2013 10:54
Edited On: 18/10/2013 10:58Fans Conference Minutes etc.
Hoping to pin this thread and use it for The Tony Goodall Fans Conference Business only.

There is an email address: tgfc@truebluearmy.com for any queries or contributions to the Conference if any fans prefer to communicate less publicly.

A preliminary description of Fans Conference is on the link below. We hope to have more detailed information on the nature and purpose of TGFC soon

Link: The Future of TGFC
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SJMaskell Posted on 18/10/2013 10:56

Fans Conference Minutes etc.

Tony Goodall Fans Conference
Minutes of Meeting 05 October 2013
Present: Peter Houghton (Disabled Supporters’ Group), Rob McGint (Disabled Supporters’ Group) and Sam, Pam Wilkins (Trust, FSF), Andy (Chichester), Ed Wickes, Dan, Vern Rickman (PTID), Drew ? (NCS?), Ken Malley (Trust), Scott McLaughlin (Anoraks), Mike Fulcher (pompeyonline), Ben ? (Fundraising), Nick Bain (Pompeyonline), Barry Dewing (PISA), Steve Compton (PISA), Sue Maskell (fansonline), Cath Absolam (Disabled Supporters’ Group), Tom Dearie (Trust/12th Man) Johnny Moore (PFC), Steve Tovey (Trust/Central Branch) (Chair).
Apologies: Del Pulley (Chichester), Barry Thompson, Roy Gregory (Central), Dave Groves South West).
1. Formation of a Disabled Group

• This group is in process of forming and has received a donation from Northern Blues. There is a Facebook Page and website planned. The group will hold an open meeting in the Victory Bar on 24 October.
• This group is not just for disabled supporters but also for all those who wish to help.
• Derek Stone has provided new wheelchair spaces on NSL near the FE which will be available to either buy in advance or pay on the day next home game.
• There are a number of practical jobs in progress to make things easier for disabled fans at Fratton Park

2. Follow ups from other meetings

Safety Advisory Group 23 September
• There is a maintenance matrix in operation – no structural problems at Fratton Park.
• Issues with the cost of sprinklers in the stands being looked into
• Hants Police are happy with the running of matches and most are/will be police free
• Coin throwing from the Fratton End is becoming a problem. Incident v Fleetwood was for eg. If this is reported by the ref it will result in fines for the club of up to £10,000. A strap line of ‘Its change to you, but its thousands to the club’ was suggested.
• There are reports of racist abuse coming from the South Stand. If caught the culprit could be subject to a banning order. Banning orders are becoming an issue this year in the run-up to the World Cup, according to the Football Supporters Federation, the Police have the intention of preventing as many troublesome fans travelling as possible.
• We are currently training a number of new stewards
• Standing is not perceived as a problem by the Stadium Manager
• It was pointed out flares are an increasing problem at games across country and we are asked to be aware
• Food outlets are due for inspection
Police Liaison
• Away travel – police exchange info at away games
• Spots Mail will have regular updates of Away Travel info
• General tone of this meeting was to do with little things creeping in, there have been more ejections and arrests away from home than before for minor offences such as jumping over fence onto the pitch, smoking etc. A warning was made that these could still result in a banning order – particular where they are a danger to health or lives of others.
• The need to convey to fans how easy it is to pick up a banning order is needed, as well as the potential life-long knock-on effects of getting one. Info on this available on FSF website.
• Police do have an official target for banning orders this year (see above re World Cup)
• A request for a Fans Charter to be drawn up by Conference was made. Agreed that this would be led by Scott, Pam and Ken. They were asked to come up with a draft for November and liaise with the club.
Other points
• Club is now working with Uni and Foreign Students College on schemes to encourage student attendance
• Idea of free tickets for Armed Forces was put forward (this done at other clubs)
• We are hosting visitors from New York Today.

3. Information delivered by Ashley Brown (Trust Chair/Rep on PCFC Board)

• Conference and Trust now plan to feed into one another as per structure put forward at last meeting (see below)
• Trust is now the majority shareholder of the club and therefore the Trust has the responsibility to represent the Community Shareholders to make sure the club is moving in the right direction.
• Conference is the consultative forum for club to interact with – the aim is to bring as many from the club and the fans together as possible and consult on what is working/what not working in regard to running the club. We are in a different world now as it is easier to get people from the club (including players) to meetings.
• PISA asked about cash turnstile. This is recognised as a desired thing to do by the club. Plans are to provide a booth selling tickets at the SE corner of the ground to enable walk-ups there. AB confirmed he would ask PFC to look into this further.
• Also possibility of selling tickets for games across the City eventually where any registered outlet with a computer and printer can sell tickets. The desired outcome is to enable people to buy tickets when they think of attending a game rather than having to make a special journey to ticket office. Shepherd’s Crook volunteered to be an outlet.
• Problems of Away Fans having to queue for tickets at Frogmore Road Office are being tackled
• Concerns were raised re Stewards not being aware when ME open to home fans – communication need improving.
• Reduced capacity is still in force – hence empty blocks of seats in all stands other than FE, will improve as maintenance programme carried through.
• Food kiosk complaints e.g. lack of beer are down to staffing issues and there will be another recruitment drive.
• We are now working with a revised budget which will remain under continuous assessment. It is based on an average attendance above that previously used which has given us a new bottom line. It doesn’t mean a drop in attendance means we will go bust. The new players this week are all within budget (Carson, Racon, Mahon), there has been no extension of budget. Two have come in on very favourable deals to us.
• Perception that it’s the Trust running the club needs addressing. This stems from press perception. The PCFC Board via the CEO run the club.
• Shareholder voting on the PCFC Board: i) no block votes at the moment (Trust v HNW) and there have been no split votes ii) If there ever was a split vote Trust can push for a shareholder vote iii) there are reserved matters in the company articles which will require specific % of shareholders to vote in favour for them to be passed – this gives a level of protection to Trust ownership.
• Opposition to Tesco’s plans has arisen but plans are going in hopefully w/e 11/10. Paper work is finalised but no outcome expected before April/May next year. The Deal is subject to a NDA.
• At present PCFC own only the footprint of the ground. We do own a triangle at the NW corner (occupied by skips) which is needed by Tesco development. If approved we will own land to North of ground where the best place for extending will be. Also own 13m strip behind FE and the path to the Pompey shop
• Land to the North will be an open area, primarily used for parking. It will be fenced and the path re-routed so the main car park will be a closed off area behind North Stand.
• If it falls through (unlikely) we will need to rethink and may have to renegotiate, there has been no discussion on whether Club ownership could buy the land if Tescos fell through. There has been thorough planning and much money spent.
• Player compromise agreements are now likely to take 3.5 years at longest, they will take that long to enhance cash flow in the club and keep money in the bank. Some payments may be brought forward if income exceeds projections.
• The manager’s future. The PCFC board along with other fans is disappointed with results on pitch to date (pre-Rochdale) but they will not make rash decisions. The board believe they have the requisite experience to ensure the manager has the right team around him.
• Player budget is estimated to be 7th/8th in the League. We have the power to increase this over time up to the SCMP cap (55% Turnover in L2). The simple business decision on this is the risk of increase/decrease of income vs cost of higher spend on manager/players.

4. Structure of Conference

• Trust Board is prepared to work with fans conference as suggested by Conference at last meeting – a Trust Board member will be part of each working group and facilitate links between groups and club. Some groups are up and running already.
• Trust Board is also setting up groups to help their functions. One group is already working on Governance.
• Trust is responsible under their rules for Community projects and relationships.
• Conference is a separate body from the Trust and is intended to facilitate communication between club and fans directly giving fans channels for direct input to club.
• Details of groups will be sent out to all groups in Conference.
• Club will provide facilities for meetings of groups, the Trust Board member need not be chair of any group, nor do they need to be present for the group to function.
• Will review numbers in groups as they develop
• By 14 December all groups should have met and reported back action points
• All comms from groups to be sent via Johnny Moore. All groups known of will receive minutes of all Fans Conference/group meetings.

5. Fund Raising

• Trust will becomes the major fundraiser for the club using 12th Man set up. Money will feed into the player budget currently.
• 12th Man therefore needs its own committee of 10 – 12 and people to work on specific fundraising projects.

6. AOB
• Faith In Football need to raise £5000 to re-do their reading books. To raise money for this there will be a curry and race night 01 November Victory Bar 7pm – 11.30pm. £10
• Fans Conference will re vitalise the Twitter account – Sue Maskell will organise.

NEXT MEETING: 11am 14 December 2013
Study Centre.
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I8SFC Posted on 18/10/2013 12:51

Fans Conference Minutes etc.

Cheers for this.

Was there any mention of the Fratton End clock and it`s re-installation?
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therealblues Posted on 18/10/2013 12:55

Fans Conference Minutes etc.

I see no mention of glory holes either.

Wayno needs to let it go now I reckon.
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zorba Posted on 18/10/2013 13:05

Fans Conference Minutes etc.

Apparently the FE clock isn't returning - too expensive to repair and maintain. Heard that we are getting a new "big screen" in November which will have a digital clock on it.
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MilkinsMagic Posted on 18/10/2013 14:41

Fans Conference Minutes etc.

Wasn't there enough mention about the Fratton End clock at the AGM? [;)]
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MilkinsMagic Posted on 18/10/2013 14:47

Fans Conference Minutes etc.

Sounds like a really good and open meeting.

I hope that this transparency and openness will encourage a few more to join the Trust. At £5 for Membership for the year (which gives a Member exactly the same voting rights as any other Member or Shareholder) it's got to be a no-brainer surely? As the Trust is the majority Shareholder in PCFC why wouldn't any supporter not want to get involved?

Oh and the Trust does need the cash!

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Cressers Posted on 18/10/2013 15:45

Fans Conference Minutes etc.

What a sad commentary on our society that the OB have targets for banning orders to meet.

And I'm surprised the issue of drums and nerring wasn't raised.
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blueearthling1 Posted on 22/10/2013 07:28

Fans Conference Minutes etc.

Why is it easy to pick up a banning order? Sounds like if someone dont like the way you look at them they then you could be banned.

Fans accross the country should be fighting this we should know without doubt what type of offence could lead to a banning order. People often get over exuberant in celebration of a goal etc are we saying that could lead to a banning order?
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smirnoffexpress Posted on 22/10/2013 08:01

Fans Conference Minutes etc.

The problem with the police and targets,is that they try to meet set targets obviously.If there arent enough real naughty people the bar gets lowered and those that shouldnt merit their attentions get caught up in their game.

ps.well done for a report with so many positives in it.
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SJMaskell Posted on 22/10/2013 10:05

Fans Conference Minutes etc.

Thanks smirnoff. Still working on making the Conference a useful body for fans. Watch the pinned space above for more info.

Thos interested in just treatment for football fans - the Football Supporters Federation Campaign 'Watching Football Is Not a Crime' is still in force. STL

Link: FSF
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nidge01 Posted on 20/11/2013 15:01

Fans Conference Minutes etc.

many thanks for the information, new on site hi all [smi].
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FistoftheNorthStar Posted on 06/10/2016 08:00

Fans Conference Minutes etc.

" Still working on making the Conference a useful body for fans. Watch the pinned space above for more info."

That's going well, then. Why is this still pinned despite no updates for 3 years?
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waschrisburnsbelowsealevelheader Posted on 06/10/2016 11:17

Fans Conference Minutes etc.

Welcome aboard Nidge.

Don't expect this kind of mature, PFC themed thread too often.

BTW, before the usual obsessives get to you, you're not Doc, Dave, Les, PIF, Dozy, Titch by any chance are you?
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Bluenote Posted on 06/10/2016 11:23

Fans Conference Minutes etc.

You've got about 3 days before Savlon calls you a cvnt Nidge.
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oi_oi_saveloy Posted on 06/10/2016 14:13
Edited On: 06/10/2016 14:20
Fans Conference Minutes etc.

He's a Pompey fan you're not.
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Bluenote Posted on 06/10/2016 16:26

Fans Conference Minutes etc.

You two know each other then Savlon? That's nice that you've got a friend.
Good to know also that you get to decide who's a Pompey fan and who's not.

Please Savlon...can I be in your gang? Pleeeaase - it must be so cool.
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oi_oi_saveloy Posted on 06/10/2016 19:56

Fans Conference Minutes etc.

No sorry, you've got to be a Pompey fan.
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Bluenote Posted on 06/10/2016 20:53

Fans Conference Minutes etc.

What if I promise to be really hard and butch like you Savlon?
Going to Orient mate? - you being a much better supporter than me and stuff...
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