So why is Jamie Ashdown like an Alfa Romeo?
By Staff Reporter
Wednesday 03 Aug 2011 16:22:00
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Player Profile: Jamie Ashdown #1


Pretty much part of the Fratton Park furniture. Comfortably the longest-serving player at the club, since his move from Reading in 2004. He was nearly released last summer, but somehow can't get away...

So, how does he shape up under the fan microscope? The message board on puts 'Paddy' through his paces...

You can always rely on Jamie to...

Be at Portsmouth. I see this more of a lack of ambition than a strength. He was content to play #2 to David James, and content to come back after initially being told he wasn't good enough. This will be the first year he's really tested as number one. So to pour irony on my answer I'll say that my money is on him being gone in 12 months. If Richard Hughes was a goalkeeper, he'd be Jamie Ashdown...

...make your heart miss a beat when he comes out for crosses.

...keep nice and quiet and stay resolutely on his line as if attached by a thick, but invisible, rope.

...give it 110% available for selection. Ever present last season.. hard, but look nervous when the ball comes into his box.

... let in goals that are not clangers but leave you wondering that he should have done better. 

...give his best.

...never come for a cross.

...take over 100 minutes to distribute the ball.

...say "erm" 3 times in every sentence when interviewed. It is the most grating thing in football and makes him seem thick as two short planks.

The best part about Jamie's game is...
...shot stopping. (x5)

...good shot stopper in general.

...shot stopping when he doesn't have to think what to do.

...his Jedi mind trick abilities to make managers believe he is a goalkeeper.

...I find myself clutching at straws to answer this question. His fitness is probably the only thing I can offer him here.

...proven quality. Stayed loyal behind some decent keepers at FP and now deserves his starting place.

...his shot-stopping (but a: this applies to virtually all keepers and b: this is usually necessary because of point 1.


The one thing I'd change about Jamie would be...

Could give a few answers to this question. If I had to pick one, I'd lament his command of his box. If a stray ball comes into the box, you have zero confidence that he will have any say or any hand in what is done about it. Jamie was on form at Palace away last year when he got lobbed in no-man's land - twice in the same game. Yes he had Sonko in front of him, but who's the boss? Ironically Jamie is the our post-war record holder for the longest shutout. This is down to the blistering partership formed between Halford and Rocha, which Rocha managed in spite of Jamie not doing it.

...organisation of defence on set-pieces

...the command of his area. be more commanding of his area and keep in communication with defence...

...his position in the first team to a place on the bench. He is a decent enough backup keeper but spent too long there to ever be a good enough regular first teamer.

...I'd turn him in to a goalkeeper.

...his inability to get off his line.

...his ability to come out for crosses.

...his command for the box, which may stem from his command of the english language.

4. If Jamie were a car, which make and model would he be?

AlfaSomething heavy and amblesome which is trying to be sporty; something which lacks of reliability and quality. He's an Alfa Romeo.

A Skoda it was the laughing stock a few years ago, but is now as reliable and trustworthy!

Definitely a Toyota...probably a Corolla. A very boring car. Jamie is probably one of the duller characters in the dressing room. 

An unreliable one.

A diesel. Slow off the starting line.

Alfa. Looks good, performs very well on occasions, but a little unreliable.

One that doesn't work as well as it should. 

An underwhelming but functioning diesel Ford Focus. Slow off the line and a bit cumbersome, but just about gets you where you need to go most of the time.

A Mini, quick and agile but you wouldn't want to own one.

A green godess, big, slow and lumpy and just about gets away with doing the job its suppose to do.

A three-wheeler.

£250,000 is on the table for Jamie: Take it or leave it?

At this moment in time, leave it. But if Henderson becomes as good as he's being touted to be in the future, then Jamie could well find himself second fiddle again, and a £250k bid would probably be plenty enough to persuade me to let him go.

Leave it.

Defo leave it,not enough good keepers around to replace him for the money.

Take it. Take any amount.

Leave it - purely because there is no #3 at the club

Take it? No way - you could double that and still not get as good a keeper for the money.

If we had two other keepers, take it. But we haven't, so the question is moot really.

Take it, after all we released him and signed him again when we were desperate.

Take it, there are/ were plenty of proven good keeper on frees this summer and if we want to progress, we have to look beyound Ashdown.

Umm. Take it.

For reference...
→ Gravesend & Northfleet (loan)
→ Arsenal (loan)
→ Bournemouth (loan)
→ Rushden & Diamonds (loan)
→ Norwich City (loan)
Full name
Jamie Lawrence Ashdown
Date of birth
30 November 1980 (age 30)
Place of birth
1.91 m (6 ft 3 in)

Anything else to add?

Rarely at fault, although prone to the odd basic error (Remember James anyone?). One of the best in the Championship and seen worse in the Prem too!


Thanks to in no particular order: pompeyfan1, vote4pedro, fatbloke, ChrisBurnsBelowSeaLevelHeader, Pedalo_menders , scumslayer, lua_lua , jonnysreturn, DeepBlue , BigShiz, from_TCO_to_TJC, exterminator from the message board

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