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Pompey_Fans_CF Posted on 13/05/2012 12:08
HALL RIGHT NOW:The business of saving Pompey has no magic wa

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The latest article from Micah Hall on pompey-fans.com...

There are a few reasons to want a football club, but only one good one. You might want glory, you might want fame. Maybe you want to raise the profile of another business or even country.

You might just have an obscene amount of morally questionable money to spend. Most likely it is a combination of all these, probably laced with a smidgen of the worst possible reason: you think you can make loadsamoney out of it.... Click on the link below to read it all or cut and paste the link here: http://fansonline.net/pompey-fans/article.php?id=429

Link: HALL RIGHT NOW:The business of saving Pompey has n
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