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DanBrett90 Posted on 15/09/2011 17:36
Letter to the club,

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I have just sent the email below to stadium manager Derek Stone. I have sent this as quiery on how we would go about getting the drums erradicated for a short period of games (6-7, ideally).

I have also emailed them seperately about using the official site as a base to put new, creative songs on, in an attempt to get a much wider coverage.

I hope to have a response in the coming days.



Hello there,

My name is Dan Brett, and I am a local journalist - more importantly, a Pompey season ticket holder. I am writing to you today to enquire about the drums that are regularly featured in the Fratton End, and the legality of taking them into the stadium on match days.

I am writing to ask you this because, over the past 18 months, it seems more and more fans' that regularly attend matches are fed up with the drums - not the drummers - but the way that they are continually played for ninety minutes, stifling any attempt at atmosphere. I have interviewed John Westwood last week who admitted that he would not be willing to leave the drums at home for any period of time, as he doesn't see why he should, despite many fans' coming to me and telling me of their discontent on the drums.

I was wondering what the first steps would be to getting these (not permanently, but temporarily) banned for a period of six matches. It seems that the 'band stand' idea didn't work - just moved the problem - however it is my opinion, as well as those I have spoken to, that a period without the drums would help the atmosphere recover to what it once was. Those people have no problem with John Westwood personally, just the way that the instruments are utilised throughout the match.

I am working on a variety of other ways to boost the atmosphere at Fratton Park, encorporating fans' opinions and ideas, as well as the local pubs. It seems many want a better atmosphere at Fratton, but can see no way around it unless the drums are erradicated, allowing for new songs and creativity to spread throughout the stands.

Also, I would like to ask on the current state of the Victory Suite below the Fratton End, and what purpose it has. I am looking to use local pubs as a key focal point to get new songs out, but would love to use the Victory Suite - a main drinking establishment for many of those in the Fratton End, as a starting point to get new songs and fan ideas through the stand, hopefully recreating the atmosphere and bringing us back to the 'Fortress Fratton' state, rather than the lacklustre shell of a fanbase we are now.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,

Dan Brett.
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watch_ayte Posted on 15/09/2011 17:42
Letter to the club,

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Fair play to you Dan, nobody can say you haven't tried moosh.

My letter would have been:

Dear Pompey

Why can I not have a bottletop on my bottle for saftey reasons, but a full on pi55head and his questionable mates are allowed to weld a metal bell, drums and bring 'cuddly toys' which are flammable into the ground?

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lamts1 Posted on 15/09/2011 18:43
Letter to the club,

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also why does anyone that dares to try and get a bit of "banter " going in the north lower/milton end corner end up getting chucked out? and this seems to happen nearly every game.......
Plus bottle tops............
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