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ptid Posted on 28/08/2011 22:38
Boring Pompey?

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Frankly, Saturday's performance was hard work to watch. We fluked a draw (if the King had hit the ball properly the 'keeper would have saved it). We did not play as a team; rather we had eleven players on the pitch who looked like they didnt know each other (yes, I know the season has hardly begun, but we looked woeful).

And yet, with one exception (that I'll come to) we have the players. The defence, although needing marshalling, is looking better. We have four forwards now. We have some guts in the midfield.

We seem to lack two things. Firstly a midfielder with at least a grain of creativity - Mullins deserved his MoM on Saturday, but creative he isn't.

And a manager who can make the team performance better than the sum of the individuald he has playing. Which Coteril is failing to do.

Rant over - PUP!
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