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Day Of The Match: Viking's Volley Seals The Points For Pompey

  Erik Huseklepp's injury-time winner earned Pompey the three points against Blackpool, following a below par performance at Fratton Park. Little inspiration from the home side gave under-fire manager Steve Cotterill an uphill task, with sections is supporters singing 'Your taxi's outside' to the Blues' boss. Nicknamed 'The Viking', Huseklepp lashed an over-head kick past 'Pool ....

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Day Of The Match: Pearce's Passion Can't Hide Hoofing Tactics...

It was a game that I had hoped would signal a new beginning for Pompey, with new players adding competition for players. However, it seemed that all fans' got was a huge dose of neck pain, with a side-order of frustration. We may have got a point – but did we really deserve it? For me, that has to be a resounding 'No'. We struggled to create much during the first half, outplayed by our ....

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Day Of The Match: The Clock Is Ticking (if Only...) For Ill-disciplined Pompey

This was a 'needle match' for sure. Not because it is a derby in the true sense - after all Palace and Saints are the respective bete noirs for these south coast neighbours. No. It had needle because clearly Brighton and Hove Albion had got well and truly up the collective noses of the Pompey team during last season's FA Cup third round tie at the Withdean. Back in January, Dave Kitson had been ....

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Day Of The Match: Prophecy Not Enough For Pompey

  Day of the Match: a humorous side-swipe at another defeat for Pompey. 14,828 people came to Fratton Park, incorporating about 500 Doncaster Rovers fans, 14,325 Pompey fans and 3 creditors, whose presence was reminiscent  of distant relatives at the reading of a will - they came to see what was left to them and were about as welcome as a pork sausage in a synagogue. ....

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Day Of The Match: Pompey Chop Down Tricky Trees

  A capacity crowd filled Fratton Park and saw a pulsating win for Pompey against the free flowing football of Forest.  It's no wonder so many fans prefer the Championship. A sunny afternoon with the pitch benefitting from a short pre-match shower and the ball was sliding around a treat. Rocha didn't make it so Sonko continued, and this was fortunate because he was the man of ....

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Day Of The Match: We're Proud Of You Portsmouth

  A surreal match, played in a surreal atmosphere. On the long drive to Hull I got a call which suggested that not only were the problems with coming out of administration resolved, but they had probably never actually existed. Fortunately, I'm pretty much beyond surprise.The KC is a more imaginative version of the new stadium, borrowing the better parts of the Reebok but still ....

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Day Of The Match: Pompey Ride The Rainbow

  30 minutes after the final whistle had blown on another win, a rainbow hung over Fratton Park, smiling down on the happy people below. The see-saw battle between youth and experience had ended, as such battles mostly do, with experience and quality edging out youthful exuberance, but it was  a very thin edge indeed. The match was a typical Championship thriller, a thud ....

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Day Of The Match: Fortunate 500 Rise To Acclaim Plucky Pompey

  My first visit to Ayrsome Park was 25 years ago. My happiest memory of the old ground was the 4-2 triumph in 1992, when a youthful Pompey side silenced the cauldron of noise by dominating the second half, setting up a meeting with Middlesbrough's most famous son, Mr Brian Clough. Other less happy memories surrounded dull draws in the snow and dull defeats watched by small crowds, ....

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Day Of The Match: That Shot Your Fox

  If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster And treat those two impostors just the same So with victory as with defeat, we can't afford to get carried away with ourselves. This was a fine win to be greatly enjoyed though, and we have been denied a reason to really smile for some time. This division seems to be almost entirely composed of teams we never beat and places we ....

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Day Of The Match: Slow Start And Sloppy Finishing

  Cotterill has a long job on his hands. No quick fixes are available however much people want one.It wasn't a long job causing our defence to come unglued. From the kick off City attacked and the ball found it's way to an unmarked forward. Dickinson made the first of a series of brave blocks. From the resulting corner Ashdown, who looked like he was auditioning for the part of Cat on ....

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Day Of The Match: Drums And Debuts Lift Pompey

  From this encounter we got certainty at last. Not over the teams fate. That remains a guessing game of roulette proportions. No, what we learnt without a shadow of a doubt is that without the drums, you get silence, and for the first 70 minutes the support was subdued to say the least. Back when the 'band' was exiled to the Milton End I had thought we put this to bed as the ....

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Day Of The Match: Nugent's Moonshine Lights Up Pompey

It was approaching 10.25 when Pompey finally triumphed over the eagles,  a denouement well worth waiting for it was too.A fine evening with a full moon sitting above the Linvoy Primus Community stand and shining amid pink and blue skies. For the first time I really noticed the redecoration of that stand and the new honours boards along the South Stand. Both add a real touch of class to the ....

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Day Of The Match: A Bridge Too Far For Pompey

For me, everything north of Petersfield is 'up north', (and everything west of Fareham is Adge Cutler and the Wurzels country but that's not important right now), but some places are more north than others. At Junction 21 of the M6, should you unaccountably eschew the fleshpots of Warrington and continue into the wilderness you will cross a large bridge, over a river that I can only assume is the ....

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Day Of The Match: Pompey Run Out Of Bodies

<!-- @page { margin: 2cm } P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm } --> Various people have asked why I haven't blogged on the ownership situation yet. The fundamental reason is that no-one really knows what it is yet. Even though Chainrai and Kushnir are dotting the i's and crossing the t's on formalising their control of the club, stories abound of their intent to sell it straight on to this ....

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Day Of The Match: Nostalgia Isn't What It Used To Be

Nostalgia isn't what it used to be. The desire of so many fans for a return to real football and real fans at real stadia in the Championship met with a dose of reality on Saturday. Our first game of the season was played in a soulless bowl, built way out of town and hosting familiarly silent home fans. Football these days is like this. The days people look back on with such fondness are gone, ....

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Day Of The Match: No Bowl Of Cherries For Pompey

The boys were back in town for a trip to our nice neighbours down in picturesque Bournemouth. The Fitness First Dean Court stadium is a mildly disappointing arena in the modern breeze block, square stand school of architecture. The people who design and commission such stadia have done terrible damage to English football, wiping out the ledges, shelves, chicken runs, paddocks, spion kops, humps ....

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Day Of The Match: From Oxnard With Love Lane

The last few days have brought two matches, from opposite ends of the football experience spectrum.   The first saw Pompey at Ventura County Fusion, watched via an internet stream, a high tech opportunity to follow a game we would have been fortunate to hear the score from in the days before internet. The Oxnard University stadium appeared bereft of stands, although there may have been one ....

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Day Of The Match: The Unpalatable Truth

Its a simple but unpalatable fact but Germany are a lot better than England at football. Not just now, but since 1970. What is more, there are seven or eight other nations with whom England simply can't compete. Instantly people will start to criticise the manager, as is the English custom. I went over Fabio Capellos record in the previous piece, so suffice to say he has won more major trophies ....

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Day Of The Match: Capellos Is Englands One Hope

Before the Slovenia game they showed a montage of Capellos' achievements as a manager, which are;   7 Serie A titles with three different clubs 2 Supercoppa Italiana with two clubs 1 Champions League win 2 La Liga titles 1 European Super Cup   That is 13 trophies, to add to 4 Serie A titles and two Supercoppa Italiana wins as a player. In other words, this is a born winner, a ....

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Day Of The Match: If Capello Can't Do It, No-one Can

  After the USA match I reflected that England must learn to be patient. The first thing a top side will do to establish control of the game is to keep possession for 20 minutes and silence the opposition crowd. It is not a coincidence that, while Britain has never been short of direct teams who get the ball into the strikers early, the British teams who have actually won the ....

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Day Of The Match: England Must Have The Courage To Be Patient

    Life is a series of decisions. From time to time, you glimpse a major fork in the road. One is the familiar road, the well-trodden path of doing the same old things in the same old way. Stick to what you know.The other fork in the road is the road less-travelled. It involves taking a big risk. The rewards are great but the price of failure is much higher. It is what ....

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Day Of The Match: Who Needs Messi When You Got A Mokoena?

    The stomach problems that have plagued my week having abated a little, the determination rose in me not to miss the chance to make my Reebok debut.The Reebok is certainly a magnificent stadium. The word 'iconic' is bandied about a lot these days but Bolton's futuristic home merits the accolade. The only real problem with it is that it is a long way from Bolton, as far as I ....

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Day Of The Match: It Doesn't Get Much Better Than This

    Tinmen Tottenham 0 Mighty Hearts of Oak 2. Who would have believed it? Only football can deliver such a rich diet of drama, vengeance and poetic justice. As we walked up Wembley Way, we were simply determined to give a good account of ourselves off the pitch, to make a noise and show the Premier League what they will be missing. Some good natured banter between the sets of ....

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Day Of The Match: Cheats, Crooks, Blind Refs And Chelsea

    Bring me your liars, your crooks. Bring me the charlatans, the murderers, the greedy, venal and corrupt. As long as they have money, all are welcome to the most debased brand in the world. So your money is soaked in the blood of Angolan childen? Oh you lock people up and have them tortured? So you have friends in the mob? No worries, like love, money conquers all here. Just ....

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Day Of The Match: How **** Must You Be?

    How **** must you be? You're losing away. How bitter a pill for the Hull fans to swallow so soon after their exhibition of hubris.Why do people sing these stupid songs? It seems like the awful arrogance of the fans of the top sides has spread even to the humblest of sides fans now, and what should be support for your team has been replaced with an orgy of gloating. Based on ....

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