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Opinion: A Brink Too Far

The dispute between rival business clans that has seen the club dragged into an international dispute has now taken it to the very edge. A statement released on the Official Site has been confirmed as genuine by sources close to the Portsmouth FC board. The statement claims that a late change of mind by Sasha Gaydamak has destroyed a deal that sources had claimed was "all but done", with an ....

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Opinion: David Lampitt Q&a

David Lampitt proactively suggested answering questions supporters were asking. What a very refreshing change.   Here are some of the questions and answers;   1. What is the current position regarding former board members at Fratton Park and any ongoing roles they may have at the club?/ Former chief executive Peter Storrie was retained by the Administrators as a consultant for ....

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Supporters Message To Administration Team

As you will be aware, a number of supporters groups have been meeting with the Administration team of UHY Hacker Young to discuss the clubs current insolvenct. Following internal misgivings about the progress of the information we sent the following message to the Administration team. We have received an initial response but are waiting for a more complete statement about whether the team ....

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Opinion: Who Was In Charge?

Today's Telegraph article detailing the missing millions at Pompey has begun to shine some light into the darkness at Pompey.Pompey-Fans.Com has consistently argued that you have to look at Pompeys slow-motion car crash into administration as a two stage process. Before October 2009 the groundwork was laid by a period of heavy spending on wages and transfer fees which were underpinned by some ....

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Opinion - Hmrc's Grace Finds Favour As Pompey Start To Think Of Salvation

News that HMRC has dropped its objections to the continued administration of Portsmouth FC has to be welcomed. Not only does it lift the 'shadow' Andrew Andronikou, and his less high profile joint administrators Peter Kubik and Mike Kiely, have been working under for more than ten days, it also suggests that we might well be close to making a significant step forward in terms of securing the ....

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Opinion: Why Pompey Might, Just Might, Have A Case For Keeping Their Nine Points

So what will the Premier League do about Pompey's points deduction? Conventional wisdom dictates that sometime soon the club are going to lose nine points; the prescribed penalty for going into administration. After all, isn't this all about gross financial mismanagement going back several years as the club 'chased the dream' on money it couldn't afford? That might well turn out to have been ....

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Opinion: Sos Pompey To Meet Premier League Chiefs

SOS POMPEY! Portsmouth Fans United For Their ClubPOMPEY DELEGATION TO MEET PREMIER LEAGUE BOARD THIS WEEKFollowing our press release dated Monday 1st February, detailing SOS Pompey plans to protest outside the Headquarters of the Premier League in response to their poor handling of the current issues surrounding our football club, we have been invited to send a delegation to meet with the Premier ....

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Opinion: Why You Should Be Marching Tomorrow

A minority of people have expressed the opinion that now the club is giving statements on an almost daily basis this consistutes communication. The problem is that they have been communicating with us since before they bought the club. Here are the views from Planet PFC contrasted with the reality;   Club view: “Both brothers, Ali and Ahmed, are billionaires and Ali is a passionate ....

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Opinion: The Wit And Wisdom Of Mark Jacob

“I can totally understand fans' concerns over his convictions, but if someone makes a mistake in the past should they be chastised for that for the rest of their life? It was a long time ago and in a different jurisdiction” -Jacob rightly points out that Danny Azougys multiple convictions for fraud shouldn't stop him working for Pompey. After all, no-one has even accused him of ....

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Opinion: Pva Statement Of No Confidence In The Board

STATEMENT OF "NO CONFIDENCE" IN THE BOARD OF PFC The time has come for those who support Portsmouth Football Club to make their feelings known about the chaotic ownership and top level management of PFC.  After almost three months under new ownership, we still have no clear idea about the state of the club other than that it is in a financial mess. Creditors, players and staff are being ....

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Opinion: Hart Deserved To Go, But Pompey Have To Get The Next Manager Right...

Farewell Paul Hart. While it would be hypocritical for me to say I am upset at his departure, it is fair to say that most Pompey fans will have more than a pang of sympathy for the outgoing manager. Appointed by default in the summer, when the chaotic ownership situation meant he was the only remotely credible option, this has been a predictable outcome. Only time will tell whether the change ....

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Opinion Stewarding Works When The Punishment Fits The Crime

A number of high-profile incidents so far this season have put the stewarding of Fratton Park in the spotlight as some fans have angrily reacted to what they see as over-zealous implementation of the ground regulations. And while there are always two sides to every story, it is fair to say that some of the incidents have at least called into question the decision-making process when ....

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Opinion: Harry's Ghost Of Pompey's Past Needs Exorcising On Saturday

A new era in the history of Portsmouth Football Club will get fully underway on Saturday when Tottenham Hotspur come to town. So, in many ways it is quite apt that the game is also wrapped up with the not too distant past as well. The Spurs squad is likely to bear more than a passing remsemblence to the Pompey team of 12 months ago, a so-called golden era of UEFA Cup 'glory nights' and, well, ....

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Opinion: It Is Time For A Truce At The Top As Storrie And Saf Trade Pr Blows...

After the Fratton Park power struggle - won this week by Peter Storrie and the Al Faraj consortium he brought to the table - there are signs of a second front opening up. Rather than peace in our time, instead a PR war has broken out in the wake of the Al Faraj buy-out as Storrie and Sulaiman Al Fahim trade press blows for the right to be heralded the saviour of PFC. Round One went to Al Fahim ....

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Opinion: Fans Can Rely On Sacha To Do Right By The Club...

Those who thought the name of Alexandre Gaydamak had been definitively written in to the history books of Portsmouth Football Club after he sold the club to Sulaiman Al Fahim in late August have probably been somewhat disoriented by this week-end's events. Far from being removed for the scene, it seems Sacha still has a pivotal role in deciding the future of the club. After a chaotic summer of ....

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Opinion: Ticket Price Relief Is To Be Welcomed, But There's Still Work To Be Done...

That's one of our foxes shot then! The announcement that Pompey are to cut prices at eight Premier League games this season is a welcome development. Pompey-fans.com was planning to mount a campaign starting next week to argue that reduced match-day prices were a necessity to ensure that the club's fanbase didn't continue to erode. So this pre-emptive gesture by the club is welcomed ....

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Opinion:still More Questions Than Answers

The one thing you can say about Pompey without any fear of contradiction is that it is rarely dull. Today has been the most dramatic day since......well since last September when we turned on our tv and saw Redknapp telling everyone he was the Spurs manager. In just the last few years we have had a whole series of public rows, managers leaving, returning, leaving again, giddy heights winning the ....

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Opinion: Who To Back As Pompey Suddenly Become An In Demand Commodity

If one could choose to be a fly on the wall anywhere in the world on Saturday, the boardroom at Fratton Park would probably be destination number one for any self-respecting Pompey fan. Especially if Sulaiman Al Fahim sticks to his promise to return from New York in time for the game. With his Chief Executive Peter Storrie having publicly questioned the nature of the Al Fahim takeover bid and ....

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Opinion: Long-term Gain Will Be Worth The Pain...

With 26 days left to the end of the transfer window many fans will be deeply concerned about the short term future of the club, whilst the medium to long term looks to promise the future coveted by all true blues. It is clear Sulaiman Al Fahim has a coherent long term strategy to put Pompey into the mix of clubs with strong infrastructure, top-notch youth products and an exciting and competitive ....

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Opinion: Why Pompey's Disaster Tour Should Be A Blessing In Disguise...

Surveying the wreckage of Pompey's pre-season tour of Portugal it is hard to find many positives, but it might just turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Some promising individual displays by some of the club's younger professionals against Vitoria on Friday - notably James Hurst - suggested that the days of the club seemingly being unable to bring through young talent may shortly be at an ....

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Opinion: Al Fahim Has Made A Big Investment. Now Show Him We're Worth It...

So the long drawn-out saga is over, the man has got his club.Without really saying a word, let alone completing his takeover, Sulaiman Al Fahim has been hounded, vilified and sneered at by the jackals of the press. We have all heard all kinds of rumours about backers pulling out, coming back later and so on. The key point here is the club needs to be built up. We must remain in the Premier ....

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