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Hall Right Now: To Be In Debt Or Not To Be In Debt. That Is The Question...

HALL RIGHT NOW: To be in debt or not to be in debt. That is the question...   What sort of Pompey will emerge from our latest brush with administration? Our biggest problem is debt. Debt and the servicing of it has been dragging Pompey down for most of our lives. There are occasional upturns in fortune while we run up new debts, followed by devastating ....

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Hall Right Now:the Business Of Saving Pompey Has No Magic Wand...

HALL RIGHT NOW:The business of saving Pompey has no magic wand...   There are a few reasons to want a football club, but only one good one. You might want glory, you might want fame. Maybe you want to raise the profile of another business or even country. You might just have an obscene amount of morally questionable money to spend. Most likely it is a ....

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Hall Right Now: Interested In Buying A Football Club? Here's Your Chance...

There are always people 'interested' in buying a football club. Just at Pompey we have seen a long run of people who were 'interested' in buying Pompey in the last three years. Some even have. How much good it has done us is a very moot point. The fact remains that, (as our neighbours found out when the guy living in his Mum's bedroom bid collapsed), most of the people interested in buying ....

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Hall Right Now: A Manifesto For A Supporter-led Portsmouth Fc

    The Pompey Supporters Trust now needs your support. While there will always be people wanting to take over a football club, no-one else seems to be actually making an offer or even looking like they will act in time to save our club. Two options appear to remain; PST take over Portsmouth Football Club, or Portsmouth Football Club is liquidated and PST restarts a ....

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Hall Right Now: Money Can't Buy You Pompey Fans' Love...

  Before Pompey used a couple of lucky breaks to thrash the Brummies, I remarked to a friend that I couldn't really remember feeling so bleak about Pompey's future. During the slide down the divisions in the 70's I was too young to understand the wider context, and anyway, we had a big ground and were a sleeping giant. It was just a matter of time before we were back in the top ....

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Hall Right Now:bereft Of Life It Rests In Peace. If Only Chainrai's Money Did...

  What is Pompey's biggest problem? The prospect of relegation to League One? No at all. Quite simply it is Portpin and their claimed £17m debt. Fans keep on saying that someone ought to strike a deal with Balram Chainrai to repay his debt over a long period, as Antonov and CSI agreed to do. No businessman with any sense is going to do this though. Here is why: By their ....

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Hall Right Now: Chainrai To Return? This 'failure' Simply Cannot Be Allowed To Happen...

  Firstly I would like to thank the many people who have asked after me during my period of enforced silence. To explain my absence, I have been in hospital for a few weeks and am now home recuperating. Coming back to Fratton Park with some fresh perspective, I was reminded of Muhammad Ali's description of the 14th Round of the Thriller in Manilla - “it was like the room ....

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Hall Right Now: Can Pompey Avoid This Latest Cala-mity?

  So Italian-American businessman Joseph Cala wants to ride in to save Pompey. Sit down, make yourself a drink and concentrate hard. The time has come to have a look at the reality of Joseph Cala's situation and see how it stacks up against the rhetoric. Regular readers of this column may already have an inkling of where this is heading... One of Mr Cala's companies is Cala ....

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Hall Right Now: A Pompey Yule Blog

Christmas – a time for dour games against Millwall and for Pompey fans to work out how many more points they need to avoid relegation, with or without points deductions factored in. But of course it’s also a time for traditional song and rhyme to ring out. So allow us to transport you to The Night Before Christmas (at Fratton Park). ADVERTISEMENT ....

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Hall Right Now: The Lessons Of Pompey's Past Call Into Question The Present

  So Pompey are looking to get some loans in. If they are, one thing's for sure: they won't be coming from Snoras Bank. It is yet another sad week for Portsmouth FC. The saddest part of it for me is the relative apathy which which the unfolding crisis within our owner's business regime has been greeted by some fans. All it took for many was for CSI was to release an anodyne ....

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Hall Right Now:redknapp's England Credentials Are In The Dock, But Not Like You'd Think...

  Redknapp's England credentials are in the dock, but not like you'd think... Saturday's news about Harry Redknapp facing trial won't have come as a surprise to people with their ear to the ground, but how will it affect Redknapp's chances of achieving his lifelong ambitions to manage England? By rights it shouldn't affect his prospects at all – he shouldn't have a ....

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Hall Right Now:michael Appleton Can Unite The Fans, But He'll Need All The Luck Going

  Michael Appleton can unite the fans, but he'll need all the luck going Not everyone is a fan of Rik Mayall and Ade Edmonson's anarchic sitcom, Bottom, (I am). One of their memorable lines went through my mind when considering the size of the task facing Michael Appleton, the latest man to pick up the Pompey gauntlet; “Steep? It's ***** VERTICAL!” According to the ....

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Hall Right Now:time For Pompey To Start Thinking Big Again..

  Time for Pompey to starting thinking big again... It was a poignant week for me as I lost my Grandmother, and with her went another link to the past. She used to accompany my Grandpa to Fratton Park after the war to see a Pompey side who ruled the land. She stopped going because of a problem Pompey would love to have now; such was the demand to see Pompey lording it over the ....

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Hall Right Now: When Doncaster & Reading Are Now Bigger Than Pompey, Something Has To Change.

    Until recently I would have said it was hard to make Fratton Park a less enjoyable place to come. They have managed it though. The Victory Bar has now been partitioned to make it smaller and more claustrophobic, removing the overspill bar and meaning you now have to queue endlessly to pay £6 for two coca-colas. Even though you arrive early enough to get a seat and ....

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Hall Right Now: Post-cotterill Pompey Need To Be Smarter Than The Rest

    Everyone should now be happy. The large majority of Pompey fans who wanted Steve Cotterill gone have their way. Those who backed him no longer have to extol the virtues of patience. And Steve Cotterill is certainly happy. He probably didn't think his week would end with a new three and a half year contract and a squad that has missed promotion by a gnat's whisker two years ....

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Hall Right Now: Fallen Out Of Love With Pompey? A Trip To Petersfield's Lane Tells You Why...

  It was while driving back from picturesque Love Lane, home of Petersfield Town, that it occurred to me what is really the problem at Pompey. There aren't many better ways to spend a sunny, autumn Saturday afternoon than watching two amateur teams playing football for the fun of it. If you can arrange to do so in the company of a dozen or so friends who combine the virtues of ....

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Hall Right Now: Fergie's Man United Lesson For Pompey Fans

  A Mendes moment? I certainly hope so, although some of the people on web forums who have openly and explicitly stated their disappointment that we won the game, (you know who you are), will disagree with me. I'm reminded of the sizable group of Man Utd fans who resented Alex Ferguson's FA Cup Win in 1990 because it gave him a stay of execution. Previously this entry from ....

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Hall Right Now: Fans Turning On Fans Is A Symptom Of Pompey's Problems

  Pompey isn't a fun place to be right now. There are divisions everywhere, they are becoming bitter and are starting to be played out in public. At Hull yesterday a mean, insipid performance from the team was accompanied by groups of fans deciding to sing songs attacking their fellows among the travelling 600. Songs from one group declaring that they were proper Pompey fans and ....

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Hall Right Now:so, What Can We Learn From Pompey's Class Of 92-93?

  If you are of a certain vintage, the sight of Pompey wearing those red and black halves probably sent a little chill up your spine yesterday. Watching on a dodgy stream, (a spot of hospitalisation and prescription of rest scuppering any thoughts of snapping up a late ticket), I had a flashback to the thrilling finale of season 92/93 when Pompey looked like overhauling West Ham and ....

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Hall Right Now: Csi Seem To Be Listening, But Which Messages Are They Picking Up?

  After reading the owners' statement, it is becoming obvious that CSI have people listening very hard to what fans are saying about the club right now. That is a good thing and to be welcomed. However, while listening is good, you also need to draw the right conclusions. The statement was generally encouraging and said the right sort of things but with two caveats. Let's start ....

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Hall Right Now: Please Don't Tell Me Lampitt's Fallen Prey To Mpd...

  Watching the Libya live blog on the Telegraph website this week an item caught my eye. An African news agency was reporting the imminent victory of regime forces, now that they had NATO's mercenaries surrounded in Tripoli. Obviously somewhat disconnected from reality I thought. Then I listened to David Lampitt's interview on Express FM and had a weird feeling of deja vu. David is a ....

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Hall Right Now: Redknapp Or Pulis? What Do Pompey Need Right Now?

  There has been a lot of talk about sustainable development in recent years. What does it mean though? One thing you can say for certain is that you can't sustainably develop a business by mislaying a couple of thousand fans as Portsmouth Football Club seems to have done. The most important area of a football club though is the football side however, and the manager is the most important ....

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Hall Right Now: Service Is Off The Menu At Maison Pompey...

Pecunia enim et vetus funis per cartload excusat Welcome to Maison Pompey, we are pleased to inform you we are under new management. Yes Sir the chef is the same. And yes the menu is more or less the same. Yes sir the décor is also the same. No sir, we can't tell you about our plans to improve these things but we do value your continued custom, and we operate on the assumption that you've ....

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Hall Right Now: The Gregory Days Are Back

To fully understand the current situation it is first necessary to disregard what is being said, because it rarely stands up to scrutiny, and to simply look at the facts as we know them.The current owners of Pompey were prepared to buy 50% of the club in July 2009 and became the financiers of the whole operation in October, controlling the clubs bank account, major asset and Executive Officer. ....

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Hall Right Now: Out Of Administration With Credibility In Tatters

First of all, it's great to be coming out of administration. The way it has been achieved though raises some serious question marks in my mind. This latest, (well what do you call it? A fiasco? A charade? A bit of both, probably), has left a bitter taste in my mouth at least. The dispute between Chainrai and Kushnir partnership and the Gaydamaks goes back to 2007. It has been fought out in ....

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