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Sj Maskell: Chainrai Needs Paying, But Does He Hold All The Cards?

SJ MASKELL   One true, irrefutable fact that cannot be denied any which-way you twist or turn is that if you want a football club – any football club – in Portsmouth in the future, Balram Chainrai will have to have some of his money back. In this he is not unique. Any private owner of a football club will want money he puts in to yield a ....

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Sj Maskell: Interesting Times For Pompey, But Only The Fans Propose Stability...

SJ MASKELL: Interesting times for Pompey, but only the fans propose stability... There is an ancient Chinese curse, ‘May you live in interesting times’. It would seem that Pompey has been well cursed by the Chinese these last three seasons. Now, with relegation finally inescapable, we enter the most ‘interesting’ time of all. We have a matter of weeks before we ....

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Sj Maskell: Fans' Bid For Club Is Well Worth The Leap Of Faith Needed

    It has been a week since Pompey Supporters Trust launched their pre-share offer on the Community Pompey website. The response of fans to this has been illuminating. Committing to the cause is requiring fans to take an enormous leap of faith in both themselves and in the Trust. Early indications are that hundreds of fans have already committed £100 to show willing to ....

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Sj Maskell: Tony Goodall Rip - A Reminder Of Why Pompey Is Worth Fighting For...

  I was about to write the usual diatribe about how fans are treated with contempt by football authorities, owners of clubs and those responsible for stewarding and policing games today. Then I read of the death of Tony Goodall. Tony suffered a stroke about two weeks ago and has been in intensive care since. At 5.30am on 17 March he finally lost the fight. Which is so unlike the ....

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Sj Maskell:just Exactly How Are Pompey 'cheating'?

  ‘Minus 10, who gives a f***?’ I’m beginning to wonder if anyone in football does. If we listen to Gus Poyet the minus ten is not enough and instant relegation must occur – although what that would do to the will-to-win of the punished club if they have fixtures remaining is anyone’s guess. In deducting points, the theory goes, the Football League ....

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Sj Maskell:the Glue Holding Fragile Pompey Together Has To Be The Fans

  ‘Touch and go’ whether we will come out of administration this time says administrator, Trevor Birch. A massive reality check to Pompey fans. Cash will run out by April. Youth and senior players are already being loaned to other clubs and word is that all our players are open to offers for loan from now on. The Football League has made clear to Michael Appleton ....

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Sj Maskell: Andronikou's Cards Are On The Table As Pompey's Poker Game Begins

    Finally the second shoe has dropped. On Monday afternoon the directors of Portsmouth Football announced that they have applied for the club to go into administration. The Administrators will be appointed at a court hearing on Friday, assuming the court grants permission. It is expected that the chief Administrator will be Andrew Andronikou of UHY Hacker Young. If ....

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Sj Maskell: The Tide Is Turning And It Should Wash Those That Have Bought Pompey To Its Knees Away

  Anger on the streets in Pompey, players refusing to leave the club, old creditors resurfacing ready to drag the ship into the deep - it is time to take hold of the flood of events and seize the moment if fans are ever going to pull the club clear of the storm. One thing is clear, what is happening at the club, including the alienation of fans, is the result of contempt. ....

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Sj Maskell:so Who Will Stand Up For The Fans As Pompey's Colourful Journey Continues

    As the band wagon Pompey pauses to pick up yet another ‘colourful’ character who fancies holding the reins on the road to perdition, Pompey fans are left wondering what has to happen for the club ever to be run properly again. The cold hard fact is that Balram Chainrai’s ‘interest’ in the club is a millstone that keeps its price high and ....

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Sj Maskell: 'bubble-headed' Cops Are A Hostage To Derby Fortune

    Respect is a two-way street. Not that there will be many of those around Fratton Park this Sunday when our neighbours come to call. It seems it needs eight foot fences and a large no-go area to separate Pompey fans from those supporting our opponents on Saturday. Well, from those prepared to watch one of the most anticipated matches of our respective seasons in a ....

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Sj Maskell: Private Ownership Isnít Working - Just Look At Pompey...

    It’s time for the reckoning at Pompey, yet again. We are now deeper in debt. The news of our extra £10.8m loan from erstwhile owner Vladimir Antonov appears to make Pompey an even less attractive proposition for any new owner than this time last year. SOS Pompey is asking fans about the validity of a protest at Football League Offices (see here). In a ....

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Sj Maskell: Counting The Human Cost At Pompey...

    When I wrote in my last piece about rousing the fighting spirit of Pompey fans current events weren’t quite what I had in mind. The chaos of the last ten days have created an emotional turmoil of claim and counter-claim, speculation, argument and downright abuse aimed in all directions from fans trying to make sense of what is happening at the club. Just when ....

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Sj Maskell: Why Do Pompey Fans Still Do It?

    ‘The glory, the pride, the passion, The Pompey!’ Jez Elwall in the ‘Pompey Til I Die’ publication, a eulogy to the pinnacle of cup final day 2008. Days like that are why we do it, surely? Dwindling crowds are a sign of a team that has sunk from that pinnacle to the depths of near-extinction and now just about survives on a fixed budget. There ....

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Sj Maskell: Football's Surveillance Society Works Both Ways...

      Welcome to the third part of SJ Maskell's account of the FSA's recent 'Watching Football is not a Crime' event at the Rifle Club Portsmouth recently. To read Part One, click here and to read Part Two click here   The discussion moved onto the issue of fans standing in seated areas. Here we are under the jurisdiction of the FA. Supt. Burrows said the ....

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Sj Maskell: If You Hadn't Noticed, Football Fans Have Brains...

      Welcome to the second part of SJ maskell's account of the FSa's recent 'Watching Football is not a Crime' event at the Rifle Club Portsmouth recently. To read Part One, click here   Fans pointed out that the feeling of surveillance is putting people off the game. Despite there being no disorder, this filming is often carried out overtly which raises the ....

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Sj Maskell: Perception Is All - Pompey Bubbles And Sensitive Policing Part 1

      “Down at Fratton Park the police don’t seem to realise that, for us, the war is over.” Bob Beech(2007) Down at the Rifle Club on 20 October 2011 it seemed Bob was right. Attendance at the Football Supporters’ Federation ‘Watching Football Is Not A Crime’ event was low. Less than forty people in total with a relatively high ....

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Sj Maskell: Time For Pompey Fans To Stand Up For Their Rights

    Harassed for ‘persistent standing’? Sounds like the way you should treat a particularly bad comedian, not a paying customer. It is time for football clubs, stewards and police to take a good look at their relationship with fans on matchdays. Most people will have seen the latest viral video (here). A Manchester City fan harassed into a state of collapse by ....

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Sj Maskell: Leeds Give Pompey Fans A Masterclass In Lack Of Tact...

    New songs Fratton End? Try this one: ‘Thirty Six quid, We’ll do what we want!’ Sing ad nauseam. Follow with a brief chorus of, ‘You can stick your f***ing cameras up your a**e!’ This succinct summation of all that is driving fans away from football came from Pompey’s away support at Elland Road last Saturday. Leeds United, claiming ....

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Sj Maskell: Time For Pompey To 'get Real' With Fans

    This week CSI have been busy on-line getting in touch with fans. They are asking: How could Convers Sports further improve Fratton Park? The answer is simple. Two things – make it easier for fans to get into Fratton Park and get real. (We’ll ignore the irony of the word ‘further’ in their question for the moment.) Firstly, do they know just ....

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Sj Maskell: Nothing New Under The Star And Crescent...

    What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. Ecclesiastes 1:9 I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I started watching Pompey back in 1968 at the F.A. Cup fifth round game against West Brom. Jeff Astle scored, WBA winning 2-1 and going on to win the cup with Astle scoring in every ....

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Sj Maskell: Is Simply Supporting Your Team Such A Crime?

    In the surreal post-industrial landscape around Middlesbrough’s Riverside stadium at the start of the season I had an interesting encounter. We were having the pre-match alcohol top-up at a little bijou watering hole, surrounded by several of Middlesbrough’s finest. These lairy young chaps were doing their best to convince us that John Carew had signed for ....

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Sj Maskell: Are 'private People' Really What Pompey Need Right Now?

It isn’t the ‘level you won’t quite believe’ speech, and all the better for that. A measured statement of determination and pride gets at the heart of how Pompey fans like to see themselves.     Indeed, the arguments on message boards over the last few days prior to this statement from our owners  has been between the stalwart diehards who support the ....

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Sj Maskell: Joey Barton's Wise Words For The Pompey Trust...

Joey Barton tweeted this week : “Theres never a problem gettin a posse together to fix the broken. The challenge 4u is to find the energy and the will to change the mediocre.” It seemed to sum up the Pompey Trust’s year rather well, ironically even down to the fact it comes from the somewhat temperamentally inconsistent Barton. Like Barton, the Pompey Trust doesn’t seem ....

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Sj Maskell: Is There Really A Profit In Pompey Vladimir?

Monday’s News brought us the surprising report that Vladimir Antonov is planning to buy Pompey to make a profit. The hollow laughter that echoed around Portsea Island and surrounding areas on reading that may just about have subsided by now. In the current climate in English football in general, never mind the particular situation at Pompey, this belief could be construed as naïve at ....

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Sj Maskell: Same Old, Same Old: Lessons From History As Takeover Edges Nearer

In mid-August 2009, when the Al Fahim buy-out saga was dragging its heels through the detritus of the transfer window, Radio Solent held a Pompey fans forum. At this forum Peter Storrie dropped heavy hints that he had an alternative to Al Fahim. Arabs with serious money he suggested, off-air. By 24 August speculation was rife. Pompey-fans.com ran an article entitled ‘Pick A Prince’ ....

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