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Bone Idle Gossip: Time For Fans To Put Money Where Their Mouth Is... Like Me And Jamie

  Jamie Ashdown’s not the only one putting his money where his mouth is. I am too. I’m pleased to say I am part of a 10-person group clubbing together for a share in the excellently-run and promoted Pompey Supporters’ Trust community buyout plan for PFC. I’d love to have bought an entire share but much as I could afford the £100 deposit, I’d ....

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Bone Idle Gossip: League 1 And Pompey Saved? Yes Please...

  IF RELEGATION to League One, coupled with survival of Pompey in its present form, were offered now, I’d take it. Of course I don’t want us to get relegated. It can be a long way back to the Championship from what I still call division three. But if that’s the worst thing that happens between now and the summer, I’ll be rather relieved. The pace at which Pompey’s finances have unravelled in the past couple of weeks means you can’t help ....

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Bone Idle Gossip:would League One Be The End Of The World? Of Course Not!

  I KEEP looking around me when I’m sat in my seat in the north lower just to try to remember the faces of the fans in case I’m never able to sit there and see them again. And the process keeps on being proved fruitless. I don’t get to every home match these days but I was never going to miss the Ipswich game just in case the worst happened – our route to administration was blocked and HMRC wound us up. It was the same when we hosted Sunderland a couple ....

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Bone Idle Gossip: Time For Pompey's 12th Man To Show They Care

BONE IDLE GOSSIP: Time for Pompey's 12th Man to show they care AWAY to West Ham, February 1988; home to Huddersfield, January 1999; home to Sunderland, February 2010. Three of the many Pompey matches I’ve been to in the past 30-and-a-half seasons. What groups them together? They were all games we went to not knowing if they’d be Pompey’s last one. And now it looks like home to Ipswich, February 2012, will be the next in the same category, coming, as it does, six ....

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Bone Idle Gossip: The Search Is On For Pompey's Biggest Fan Jonah...

  THE ISSUE of the highs and lows of away travel seems to have struck a chord since raised here by Ian White. Future columns will bring contributions from Barry Harris on an away match where he was the only Pompey fan present and from the Dewing family, one of whom was at Newcastle when we were about to win the league title in 1949. But the next word on this goes to Simon Kidd, who points out that our present-day travelling army have a bit of a wait if they think they’re ....

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Bone Idle Gossip: Memories Are Made Of This, But Now It Time To Get Animal...

  I WAS never going to struggle to fill this column for a couple of weeks based on Pompey fans’ happy 1980s memories. It was, after all, the decade which saw us rise from division four to division one and have some classic cup battles along the way. So here are the latest offerings... Kristian Gunn (no relation to Tommy) went for the Oxford Santa game, the Milk Cup win over Spurs featuring ‘Noel Blake and his Pompey wristbands’, the promotion party against ....

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Bone Idle Gossip: Talking Of The Southampton 'bubble' Here's The 1980s

  WE’VE done the 90s – now for the 80s. I enjoyed hearing readers’ favourite Pompey matches and moments from the 1990s, but I’m looking forward even more to going back an extra decade. It was my first decade of watching the Blues and probably left a bigger impression on me as a result. And my 1980s top five would probably be as follows... * The second half of a home game v Orient in May 1983 when we were close to promotion and sweeping towards the ....

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Bone Idle Gossip: Pompey & Southampton Can Unite At Last...

  The time has come (again) for fans to stand up to an affront to our civil liberties. Pompey and Southampton fans, in particular. As you may have heard, the police have decided the only safe way for away fans to get to either of this season's south-coast derbies is by police-escorted coach. If they were merely advising fans to travel this way, I wouldn't mind. But they're insisting on it to the point where if you buy a ticket for one of the derbies, you will only actually ....

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Bone Idle Gossip: Twitter Highlights The Best Of'90s Pompey

  This is something of a first – a Bone Idle Gossip in which the contents are derived entirely from Twitter. It makes a pleasant change from most other weeks, when the contents are derived entirely from drivel. Jordan Cross inspired this one with his request for people’s recent Pompey high points, which I followed with a plea for tweeters’ favourite Blues memories from the 90s. First to weigh in was Mark Dewing with the FA Cup replay win at Middlesbrough, ....

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Bone Idle Gossip: 'prosinecki For Manager' Campaign Starts Here

    AS POMPEY begin life after Cotterill, it will be interesting to see how he is remembered. I don’t think he did a bad job under the circumstances, but at the same time I can’t say I’m sorry to see him leave. It would be very harsh to judge what he achieved with Pompey last season as below par. Look at the hand he was dealt – Neil Allen summarises it very well on the facing page – and you have to say that avoiding relegation was a huge ....

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Bone Idle Gossip: Saints' Insufferable Adkins Is A Turn-off

  My journey to work in the morning was already a mental challenge. But in the past few months it has become even more of one. Now this is not a reference to the fact I have to (attempt to) leave Gosport each day, even if that has now been deemed near-impossible by the unwanted monstrosity of a Tesco store at Fareham and its unwanted roadworks.  No, this is all about the Radio Solent sports bulletins. I want to hear what’s happening on the south’s sports ....

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Bone Idle Gossip: A Little Bit Of Pompey Politics. I Think I Can Get Away With It...

  PAM WILKINS has noticed this column switching of late from a nostalgic theme at its heart to having a more political feel. Good grief – that can only mean I have run out of things to say about the good old days and am now forced to waffle on about relevant football issues of today. Don’t fret, it won’t last – as I have assured regular contributor Pam. But before my strolls down Memory Lane return, I’d like to mention a couple of events coming up ....

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Bone Idle Gossip: Nothing Like A Win Or Two To Change The Mood At Fratton...

  THERE’S been a lot of talk in recent days about the atmosphere at Fratton Park – or rather, the lack of it. Much has been generated by Pompey fan and up-and-coming writer Dan Brett’s interview with John Westwood at pompey-fans.com – a man who many blame (wrongly in my view) for the old-school Fratton bear-pit atmosphere having disappeared. Westwood raised plenty of eyebrows in saying the Fratton end used to be largely populated by drunk young ....

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Bone Idle Gossip: Fan Power Can Help Argyle Like It Helped Pompey...

  A year or two ago it was Pompey, now it’s Plymouth Argyle. These days, there always seems to be one team on the brink of folding – but somehow, more often than not, salvation is at hand. Plymouth, old rivals of ours from many years of ‘dockyard derbies’, have been in trouble for months. A delayed takeover, players not being paid, talk of deadlines and more deadlines to save the club from going out of business... all sounds horribly familiar, ....

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Bone Idle Gossip: Pompey Well Out Of Transfer Cattle Market...

  Watching the unmissable transfer deadline night unfold on Sky Sports News, it was impossible not to ask: Has football actually learned anything from the many clubs who have got into financial trouble in recent years? As Bryan Swanson kept us up to date with how much money had been spent on his bizarrely-named ‘totaliser’ you couldn’t help but wonder which team would be the next to go into administration, or worse, fold through overspending. The big boys were ....

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Bone Idle Gossip: Why This Coming Weekend Needn't Be Dull After All...

NEXT weekend could be viewed as the dullest of the entire season – but it doesn’t have to be. It’s – yawn, yawn – an international weekend, a ridiculously-timed break from Premier League and Championship matches just when we’re all getting into the swing of 2011-12 ... and all because England are playing on Friday night. If they’re playing on Friday night, why can’t everyone proceed as normal the next day? So a few teams would be without one or ....

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Bone Idle Gossip: West Ham? West Brom? They'll Struggle, Right... Or Wrong

WITHOUT really trying, I’ve already lined up West Ham for a season of struggle and sent West Brom tumbling into the Championship. It’s twitter’s fault. I’m still relatively new to tweeting but one lesson that I’m fast learning (although possibly not quite fast enough) that it is very easy to say something on there that you’ve not really thought through. Obviously a few celebrities, including one or two footballers, have found this out to their cost and have ....

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Bone Idle Gossip: I'm Back. But It's Under Protest...

WERE you worried? No Bone Idle Gossip last week. Had I retired? Been sacked? Priced myself out of this corner of the Sports Mail? Or even pompey-fans.com, where the online version of this esteem'd column appears? None of the above, as it goes. I just like to ramp up the hunger for my words of wisdom by getting you to think I’ve thrown in the towel or been flattened by an out-of-control coach on its way to Middlesbrough. Anyway, I’m here now so you can all calm down. I’m ....

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Bone Idle Gossip: Pompey Prize Is Almost Anyone\'s

It\'s not often the race for the Pompey player-of-the-year trophies is so open. A few games to go and there are probably half-a-dozen pretenders to the throne. Jamie Ashdown has to be one. After looking like he had played his last game for the club, he has come back and finally claimed the No1 spot he had craved at the club for so long. Apart from the one at QPR, can you think of another ....

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Bone Idle Gossip: Pompey Are Pricing Themselves Out Of Fans\' Loyalty

I wouldn\'t like to be one of the people with the task of setting Pompey\'s season-ticket prices. Unless you freeze or reduce prices every year, you\'re going to get criticised. Even so, I do wonder if the club have misjudged the mood of the fans this time in announcing what I would call significant increases together with unhelpful restirctions on when you can, or in fact have to pay, and how ....

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Bone Idle Gossip: Obscured Pompey Views - In More Ways Than One

TWO subjects for the price of one arrive in my inbox from Ian White, a stalwart Blues fan with whom I shared many a supporters’ coach back in the day. First it’s an answer to my question: ‘What’s obscured your view at football?’ Ian’s answer: other fans. Advertisement ‘It was at the 2008 FA Cup final and we had some of the ....

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Bone Idle Gossip: Relegation Fight Could Be Good For Pompey

It was only three months ago in this column I was debating the question ‘Would we want to be promoted back to the Premier League?’ Don’t think we need to worry about that one now, so instead, perhaps the question should be: Would a fall into League One be so bad? Advertisement Not since May 14, 1983, at Home Park have we played a game in the ....

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Bone Idle Gossip: Memories Of Pompey\'s Man Of The People

THE FIRST time I met Jim Sloan was on the coach back from Newcastle in our one season in the old first division back in the 1980s. It must have been nearly midnight after the long trip home following a game which Pompey drew after leading 1-0. We’d won once in six weeks and a long relegation battle was ahead of us. Advertisement But Jim was as happy and ....

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Bone Idle Gossip: Should Pompey Fans Make A Stand?

IT’S nearly 15 years since my standing spot on the north terrace became my sitting spot in the north stand lower. And not a home game goes by without me wishing things were as they used to be. Advertisement The day terraces were deemed unacceptable parts of league football grounds was a sad day for the sport and its fans. While there are plenty of ....

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Bone Idle Gossip: We May Never Get Another World Cup

I suppose that was what is known in the trade as an international weekend. There was no football (none worth bothering with anyway…) so instead all we had to do was sit around slagging off FIFA.. Couldn’t help looking out at the green and pleasant land on Saturday and thinking some of those postponements (including Pompey’s) were made a little early. Can you ever really tell ....

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