Elaine Palmer at Velveteen Rabbit
By Robert Nichols
Tuesday 16 Jul 2019 11:29:00
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It sold out ages ago, of course it did. Local lass made extremely good, Elaine Palmer playing on a Saturday night. This is an evening of contemporary country, folk and North Yorkshire style Americana. It is songwriting that springs from family values as much as from the family valleys and hills of the moors. Born of Elaine's former watermill home and the fields she and her sisters would run barefoot across as children.

Elaine Palmer

Live at Velveteen Luncheon Club, Great Ayton

Sat 6th July 2019

The quirky, Victorian nursery rhyme fixtures and fittings of the Velveteen Luncheon Club could not be a better setting for our evocative evening's entertainment. After a sumptuous two course meal of artisan food courtesy of the wonderful Velveteen Luncheon Club chefs we descend the stairs. Down in the basement roots of the building we would be enthralled by the rootsy music of singer songwriter par excellence, Elaine, accompanied by classically trained cellist, Harriet Josephine Mary Bradshaw.

These days Elaine plugs in an electric guitar, playing in a highly rhythmic style that embraces the rhythms and rhymes of her lyrics about home and the heart. Starting solo she is soon joined by Harriet's cello adding texture and contours as we are transported to the “top of these hills.”

Beneath the low beams and between the colourful Moroccan lamps, antique mirrors and folk-mystical paintings Elaine cuts her teeth. Melody enriched. From gentle, pastoral ditty to feisty, full on. She is “dancing around her own fears” as the shadows flicker and dance off the walls. Her voice rings around the room and also dances off those walls.

There are alluring aromas from slices of cheese cake are being served up to tables and clinks of wine glasses being filled as Elaine decants her own jewels from her last landmark album, Still Life. An album that is deeply personal and as always springing from people and place. “My heart is dancing,” across her father's fields. I close my eyes and can hear the constant chugging, never ceasing heart beat of the water mill wheel, like a pulse embedded deep within all the songs.

“No one likes a woman who talks like a man,” there is a glint of mischief in Elaine's eye but she is not messing either.

“Blinded by my own innocence,” but soon all is revealed in The Hauntings, a spooky soundtrack to our subterranean evening. The cello is scratching up lost souls as we are implored to make roots. Elaine informs us that Harriet's cello is an instrument of rare vintage which she carefully puts down before charming us by performing her very first live song on the acoustic guitar. Mermaids and pond skaters are the word pictures painted by a musician often to be seen out accompanying the talented Tom Joshua as well as Elaine or in orchestra renditions at Middlesbrough Town Hall.

Elaine ramps up the music for a big finish. We shift scenes from the moors to the arid wilderness of the Arizona desert where she tells us she has been a constant visitor to her sister over the years. We pull on our cowboy boots and dive in to the 2019 Desert Songs EP for the country and attitude, Blackened Heart. Elaine is “looking for trouble,” she will “raise a little hell,” spreading her wings beneath flaming red skies before smiting us with a rasping, rattlesnake of a chorus.

Next up her forthcoming single, Wonderlust for her beloved little daughter Elena. And finally a moving tribute to her recently departed mother, "Once a Mother'. A song of sacrifice for family but ultimately a song of hope, and finding a way. A very moving but also uplifting way to finish a special musical night.

We laughed at the inter song quips, we shed an occasional tear but most of all we allowed ourselves to float away on the rapture of the music of an artist who gets better and better. A magical, musical night from underneath Great Ayton.

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