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WONGA    Well, never a dull moment in terms of NUFC. I once wrote a book, which nobody read, except my Aunty, my Mam, a bloke up the road, and , allegedly, Mr Wraith of Toon Talk. The postcript at the end of Life of Brian in Black and White stated the obvious. It began....the story of Newcastle United could not be invented. Nobody would believe it. So. Yet another quiet dull time at ....

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Manure T-shirt

MANURE T-SHIRT   No, I am not talking about what the Man U followers from Sussex to Shanghai wear, as they pledge their devoted support to a place most of them have never seen. No. I am talking about my own t-shirt in relationship to the self-proclaimed Biggest Club in the World, which unfortunately does not seem to be recognised too much on the pitch in Europe. I can certainly state that ....

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Magpies' Nest

    I suppose it was inevitable that I would see a lone magpie this morning. Sure enough, the bird sat on top of a chimney by himself, before flying off on his travels. One for Sorrow, and that, I have to admit, reflected my feelings about leaving the League Cup last night. Given that we are not likely to win the Premiership this season - hate to be a realistic, like - I would have ....

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Disability And Sport

    I am writing this blog straight from the holster. I think most of us have been inspired by all the dedicated athletes both in the Olympics and the Paralympics. But let's get straight to the point, eh. And put forwards a couple of facts.   One. We have a Government that is not investing in sport for kids, and is cutting back on facilities. Playing fields, school ....

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Radio Footy Talk

      As we potter through our week before the next fixture, a canny few of us need some kind of footy fix, whether through tv, or radio. I am amongst the latter lot - prefer the radio, as SKY Sports grates on me too much. However, wireless footy crack can also cause some irritation. I sometimes, despite my best intentions, tune into that national TalkSport rubbish, but it can ....

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Nufc Birthday Time - Continued.

NUFC BIRTHDAY TIME - CONTINUED.   I sent a blog to Toon Talk earlier this week about the potentially dangerous time of having a birthday on August 29th when you follow the NUFC.    Well, the said day itself, Wednesday, passed off well for me, apart from somebody rumour-mongering that we were about to sell Cabaye, Tiote, or even Ben Arfa, to one of the so-called Big Clubs in ....

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Nufc Birthdays

      I was thinking of my imminent birthday, which falls, as it usually tends to, on August 29th. Tomorrow. Many can claim to say that they were born at a significant time of the year. But few can match up to those of us who popped out towards the end of an August. A time when the football season is just on the move. My own NUFC birthday life has often been typical of marriage ....

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Facebook Mags

      I have a confession to make. I go on facebook. Honest, I do have some mates outside of cyberspace. Only 15 days ago, one rang me, and I saw my other marra last year in the street. He actually waved at me from the other side of the road, but seemed in a hurry, like. Anyway, I have loads of friends on this thing. And a lot of them are Mags.   Seriously, the ....

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A Hot Away Match - At Home. The Number 9 Bar

      Last Thursday saw the official opening of the new Number 9 bar in town, at Stowell Street. The media were there, Supermac was there, and loads of NUFC centre forwards wearing that famous shirt had backed the venture. It was an exciting, but calm, well-organised launch. Saturday was different! No organisational difficulties, but a loud, raucous atmosphere. And that is an ....

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Launch Of The Number 9 Ship

    Well, our rivers have seen many a launch of a ship, to say the least. Those days are gone, but at least a new boat was unveiled today, as it set off on its merry way. It was a calm affair. It had to be, as it was at 10.30 am. Various elements of the media were there to see this vessel blessed with an unveiling. By one of the NUFC Kings. Commonly known as Supermac. He is in good ....

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Shock News - United Sign New Number 9

  Dont panic. Pappiss has not lost the proudest shirt to wear in football. Rather, a new Number 9 is signing for Newcastle United., officially unveiled in Toon on Thursday, and ready to play on Saturday against Spurs. It is a bar, in Stowell Street, at the site of the old Stage Door nightclub, for those of you old enough to have tried to dance in that place. Dancing and singing could well ....

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A Weekend Of Pure Theatre

  Well, there was certainly a canny bit of stage stuff gannin on this weekend. The Olympics kicked it off. Now, I am no great fan of the London Jamboree, but I thought it was a wee bit harsh for that daft Tory MP to say it was leftie, multicultural crap. Daft of him really, given the fact that he had to be hoyed out of some tiny little job amongst our Coalition mates last year - after he ....

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Beware Of Invitations

  We all get invited to something, unless we really are Billy No Mates. Some are expected, some unexpected. I was reminded of the ones I have had over the years, prompted by one which was sent to me, only this week, by Mr Steven Wraith of ToonTalk/Players Inc. Normally, he invites me to various sports nights, and an occasional catch-up over a cuppa or a pint. This time, he has come out with ....

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A Guide To London Games - Official Statement

      This is an advice note to any foreign visitors arriving in the UK to take in the Olympic Games. After consultation with Lord Coe, Trevor Brooking, and that bloke in a shed near Downing Street, we wish to reassure all is well as our London Jamboree prepares for its display of all that is good in our capital, sorry, Britain, we mean.   Do NOT be alarmed by ....

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Heaton Arts Festival Backed By Major Figures In The Region


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Sunday - Moods

    The day set off fine - propa fine, with the sun out. Naturally, with that yellow thing in the sky, a good mood was on the agenda. Trust paper talk about NUFC to change that bounce in the step. My own fault, as I popped up to buy the Sunday Sun. The real one that is, not the bloody Murdoch shite paper trying to steal the original Sun's name from our nation. But I should not have ....

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Northumbria Fights The Storm

    Aye. What a Thursday in our Northumbrian nation, all the way from deepest County Durham, across Tyne and Wear, and up right across Northumberland. I was in Byker at one point, as the blitz hit. Far worse, and on a far bigger scale than the Great Byker Fire of last year, which I managed to survive. What struck me in the Cuban-style torrential storm, complete with fierce lightening, ....

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Only One King Of Sports

    Aye. The summer, or lack it, rumbles on . Literally, in terms of some of the thunder and lightening which has hit us all at different times.. Loads of sport around of course.  Tennis,  cricket, golf, and obviously, the forthcoming Olympics. The King of Sport is awakening from his slumber. Although He was seen briefly in some obscure European plot gannin on in Poland and ....

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A Railway Wagonwright - And A Mag

    Andrew was born right next the pit, in 1916, a time when many of his family were on holiday. At the Somme and Passchendale. Some never came hyem, others did - in shell shock.    He lost his Dad when he was 9. He found work after school, aged 14, in a trade as a wagonwright apprentice, and got a reputation as a man who could sort out a steam tankie, or a truck, to carry ....

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From The Hip - Should They Stay Or Should They Go?

    I am not even going to check this blog and correct some probable errors in English. This is blasting out from the Hip. I was raised in an era when Supermac left Toon - he did not want to go, he was driven out. Waddle was a bit of a different story - London Lights etc. Gazza, jury out to this day on that one. Beardsley - he was sold, like a pound of flesh from an unambitious board. ....

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Sunday Sport

      I am not talking about the Sunday Sport newspaper that my Mam once picked up by accident, instead of collecting her Sunday Sun. That, as they say, is quite another story.    No. Sport was certainly on agendas yesterday. The English-Italian clash in football was the most obvious one. As one of those Mags who is not into the Ingerland thing, I did enjoy the ....

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Wearing Your National Colours - Black And White

WEARING YOUR NATIONAL COLOURS -  BLACK AND WHITE     I was amused this week at a rumpus which broke out at Royal Ascot races. A potentially dangerous situation, as it involved the Jocks, was narrowly averted. Some posh character tried to ban displays of the Kilt, on the grounds of its inability to cover below the knees. A compromise was hastily found. Just as well, as the last ....

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Fixtures Day - A Small But Eager Glance

    Forget Fathers' Day on Sunday. For those of us rearing a new generation of Mags, it was great, but yesterday was more important. No offence to my own kids, by the way! Yesterday was Fixtures' Day. I still remember, as a kid and teenager, that feeling of anticipation regarding Fixtures' Day. The details of Who We Would Play, and When, such an essential part of our summer calendar. ....

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Toon Talk Fm - Desert Island Discs For Mags

    I always had a dream. If ever I won the lottery, I would set up a 24 hour radio station. Mag FM. Given that I divvent buy a ticket, the financial backing for the idea has never came to pass. So. I am now putting the responsibility on the ToonTalk Radio programme, and Mr Wraith, if in the unlikely event, he wins the lottery. Obviously, the coverage would range from up-to-date news ....

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Rains And Games

    OK. On this wonderful summer morning, as I looked out at the rain belting down, I started thinking about how dodgy weather impacts on playing outdoor games. I keep hearing that the cricket is delayed, because of the wet stuff pouring down - or, even worse, bad light. Meanwhile, the tennis gets stopped in the Paris Open. The list can be endless. Outdoor bowling. A mate even told me ....

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