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I Love Surprises

Prior to kick off this season the doom and gloom surrounding St James’ was almost unbearable.   The all-round opinion was that Mr Ashley had been up to his old tricks, which I still believe he has.  It was thought that Pardew had given us false hope in the transfer market with promises of a centre forward and his intentions to keep our best players.  Whether there was ....

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In Form Senegalese Goal Scorer Seeks Tough, Strong, Stand Up, Target Man Style Companion For Steady Progression And European Adventures

“Get in Demba son!” Something I, along with thousands of other Geordies have been shouting out with such passion over recent weeks.  Demba Ba deserves a massive chunk of credit for how our beloved black and whites have gone about the first half of the 2011/12 campaign.  When murmurs of him signing on a free arose early in the summer I was a very happy man.  A real ....

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Bare Necessities

  I have been away from the blog for a few weeks due to family issues, alcohol problems (Joke) and numerous computer equipment failings.  This is me saying that I am back.  Talking little bits of sense mixed with a whole load of shite and the odd mackem degrading statement.  I have truly missed my blog.  I am back for good, feel free to abuse or even on the odd occasion ....

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Its Back, But It Stinks Of Negativity.

PLEASE NOTE THIS WAS WRITTEN IN AUGUST FOR ISSUE 6 So the 2011/12 premier league season is almost upon us.  The mackems are flapping there gums, sky are showing every possible highlight of last season in a ‘better than ever seen before’ style, and Newcastle United under Mike Ashley continue to confuse, surprise and neglect the massive black and white following.   Going ....

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Impressive Despite The Circus

  In a week that began with our usually secretive owner stripping for the amusement of the nation and one that followed an as ever predictable statement from Shambias I have took time out to have a look at how our hugely miss-represented club have actually started the season.   So many blogs, articles and social network postings stink of negativity and hatred towards the board.  ....

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There Is Always Somebody Worse Off…….5under1and By Paul Marsden

 by Paul Marsden   Derby day is almost upon us and for me, despite last year’s embarrassment of the unwashed and comfortable away draw, the nerves are there like never before.   Although it is very early in the campaign I feel this match could already make or break our season.  There appears to be an awful lot of unrest amongst fans and a negative result against ....

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Hard To Support

    So for years now my black and whites have been a hard team to watch, a hard team to follow.  Mainly due to the ups and downs of the way we play and the constant inconsistency.  Never though until now have I found it so hard to get behind the club.   Of the team I remain the biggest fan.  Of the name I continue to be proud. Support of the name and of the team is ....

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The Longsands Live At The Riverside 27th February 2011

  Sunday the 27th February saw me at the recently named and changed Riverside club on the quayside.  Formerly Sea nightclub, Riverside has taken on a live music outlook and has really taken the mantle as the best venue outside of the arena and the academy for live music in the north east.  For the upcoming and the unsigned it proves that little step closer to the big stage and for ....

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The Longsands, Little Britain Launch Night At The Star And Shadow Cinema. Wednesday, June 22nd

One gets the feeling that something rather special began on Wednesday night in The Star and Shadow.  A band, already ready well known amongst locals and creating great vibes amongst regional press hosted an evening to remember.  A small number of handpicked journalists, music industry maestros along with the bands closest friends and a select few fans were a part of this ....

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So Predictably Unpredictable

So we have hit another summer and it seems that the stereotypical rollercoaster that is Newcastle United is set to carry on as quick and as unpredictable as ever.  Ironically it seems that being unpredictable is the only predictable thing about our black and whites.  A good return to the top flight last season despite the obvious downsides mentioned plenty in previous articles had ....

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Sunderland, Sunderland, Sunderland. When Will You Lot Learn.

The derby day banter this year has been awesome.  Despite it boiling over into some pretty unsavoury scenes it has been fantastic once again.  It was a massive miss from the 2009/10 calendar and like all fans, both mackems and mags I am over the moon that it has returned.  There is nothing better in football than getting one over on the old enemy.  Tell me though, when will ....

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Kenny You’re Doing It Again

Almost fifteen years since a certain Kenny Daglish performed one of the greatest team dismantling jobs since the Busby babes Munich disaster he appears to be coming back to haunt us once again.  His arrival to St James Park in 1997 sparked the departure of many much loved sons and the clubs top performers under king Kev.  In actual fact the respect I have for Mr Daglish is immense for ....

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Football Unites

  A random drunken chat on Friday night with a couple of Wolves fans in the heart of our city after a well fuelled trip to the comedy club cheered me up after a bad few weeks for the Toon. It re-introduced me to everything I love about the game itself and the club that we adore.  Steve Trunks and John Rawles, although Somerset based are die hard wolves who by all accounts follow their ....

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The Longsands And Friends @ The Riverside 27th February 2011

Sunday the 27th February saw me at the recently named and changed Riverside club on the quayside.  Formerly Sea nightclub, Riverside has taken on a live music outlook and has really taken the mantle as the best venue outside of the arena and the academy for live music in the north east.  For the upcoming and the unsigned it proves that little step closer to the big stage and for legends ....

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Some Things Change

Newcastle United, for as long as I can remember has been a club with a difference.  A club with something that little bit special.  Yes, my opinion is slightly biased, but if nothing else, we have always been so very unique.  At the moment though I fear that this may be changing.   I am not speaking so much of our on the field qualities or our off the pitch antics.  ....

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Worried Much? By Paul Marsden

  After a couple of weeks of complete anger and frustration at the departure of the big man I have once again come to realisation that goings on in and around St James are strange beyond belief.   If the directors of the likes of footballer’s wives and dream team fancy another punt then Newcastle United for sure is a gold mine.  Since Chris Hughtons sacking things ....

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Absolute Disgrace

Absolute disgrace by Paul Marsden There are two sides to every story and so far it seems we have only heard the start of both sides. Personally I am completely backing our former number nine.  Yes there are parts of it don’t make an awful lot of sense but as Harry Redknapp says, clubs these days will push it onto a player to hand in a transfer request to save the flack.  I have ....

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So Important We Turn Up

  So far this season, as mentioned in my last article things have been so, so inconsistent.  We really need to fix this.  Starting this weekend.  There is a nice buzz around all things black and white at the moment brought on by a few decent results and regaining the status of north east’s top dogs.  As if we ever lost it.  Seeing good old Darren Bent drop the ....

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Watching The Mags Has Never Been Easy

What a strange season this has been so far.  I’m sure everybody will agree.  Dodgy statements, peculiar signings to go with good signings, management backing followed by management sacking, classy performances to go with dogged ones and a fan base always flickering between happy and sad.  Throw in some results that are about as consistent as John Terrys bedroom guests and ....

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Transfer Window

Transfer window thoughts by Paul Marsden So the January transfer window is upon us and much like the window in the summer just gone there are so many different names being thrown in the hat.  Mainly for players coming in.  Some very much make believe, some with an ounce of truth and some that to be honest we can all only dream of.  My thoughts on the players I’ve heard ....

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Pardew? Why?

Since the last addition to my blog there has been some questionable goings on at St James, Alan Pardew was an early favourite for, and not surprisingly has been given the manager’s job at our fantastic yet somewhat strangely run club. I’ve said it before but what does this guy have over our trusty Chris Hughton? Experience? Only of relegation.  Success? Less than average.  ....

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This Is Where We Belong

On the return from any good holiday there is always a feeling of relief.  A happy to be home kind of feeling.  This is the feeling that cursed through the veins of myself and I’m guessing many black and white fans on the eve of the Villa game.  Although our little holiday in the fizzy pop league with the likes of Peterborough and Scunthorpe has ultimately done our club a ....

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Ludicrous Farewell

If you’ve read my blog over the last few months you would have noticed many words of support, praise and thanks directed towards Mr Chris Hughton.  These in my opinion were (and would still be if it wasn’t for that fat twat) thoughts that were mirrored throughout most, if not all black and whites.  You can’t say much about Chris that hasn’t already been said by ....

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It Started With A Statement

Relegation was a disaster that followed a season of almighty lows for a badly represented, badly run, great big mess of club. The resulting year in the championship though, came as a shock to many. We were expected to struggle once more, following the likes of Leeds, Forest and the Owls. Somehow though, despite having the same amateurs at the helm, we appeared to have found some stability ....

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Time For A Leader

First of all people, my apologies for the lack of additions to my blog over the last few weeks.  Problems at home resulting in lack of internet access have held me back.  I understand that plenty has gone on since my last article. So what the hell is going on with our boys?? 6-0 against Villa, 5-1 against the unwashed, unbelievable away victory at the Arsenal and cracking results at ....

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