What Makes A Good Fan?
By Paul Robson
Thursday 08 Sep 2011 09:18:00
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Just wanted to share this article from theseats.co.uk 23/4/10 - think it's appropriate in our current discussions.

What Makes a Good Fan?

I’ve pondered on this question for a while now and I think trying to answer this question comes from a few comments i’ve heard from people over the past few years, an example – whilst returning from the Doncaster pre-season defeat under Keegan, a raft of people got on the train at York after a day at the races, somewhat inebriated a middle aged Northern chap asks “what the score?” and then states well I’m a bigger fan then you lads as I was there in the 70s, i’ve been going for years etc etc, despite the fact that he wasn’t at this pre-season match supporting the boys, whilst we were.

The age thing is by-the-by if you weren’t born then you can’t have been there, that’s not the younger fans fault, however we do seem to suffer at times from the Generation Y supporters who started going to the match in 92-93 and for over 15 years were spoilt rotten by the football on show and 11 seasons in Europe and these fans (many of them) see things through rose tinted glasses and seem massively frustrated by recent events at SJP  – that’s just lucky in my eyes and they happen to find themselves supporting their club during a ‘blooming’ period in its history, hence it’s all they have knew. The fans in the 60s,70s and 80s were subjected to more troughs than peaks but I bet they also enjoyed and loved the NUFC renaissance in the mid-90s and were massively proud of the team at the time.

For me a good fan is someone that simply supports the club, is emotive in discussions about their club, stays loyal, behaves well and actively pushes  the good name of the club they support, is open to criticism and enjoys the football for what it is, a sport.

Being a good fan is not just about travelling 800 miles to see your team on a Monday or sitting week in week out at the match actively funding and supporting the club, but believing deep down inside you that you could never love another club as much as you love the one that YOU KNOW is yours, a lot of fans cannot afford to attend matches these days but that doesn’t mean that they are any worse a fan then those that do attend regularly.

And it is this deep down love of a club that upsets genuine football fans from Exeter to Inverness when they see so called fans around the land in Chelsea, Man Utd, Liverpool shirts etc….I do feel sorry for the genuine fans of these clubs having these Glory Hunters labelled alongside the genuine fan. Believe it or not we had the same worship in the mid nineties when we nearly won the league and blew people away with the football on show….

So next time somebody tells you, that they are a bigger fan than you…tell em………….deep down you know what is a good fan and if you are one, it’s something that cannot be measured but is unique to the individual.




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