Shite Seats The Final Curtain
By Garry Ramm and Paul Robson
Thursday 09 Jun 2011 09:34:00
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And so the end is near and we must face the final curtain….
The place was Newcastle and the date was late August 2008, the birth of the Shite Seats blog began with humble beginnings, a simple Tumblr blog created in what was to be in some ways the most memorable season that NUFC had seen in a long time. The blog was created, not as other fan blogs are to inform people what was happening at our club, but to encapsulate all that it was to be an average Newcastle United Fan, the highs the Lows, the laughs the tears and to try and put into words, pictures, videos and sounds the whole Magpie fan experience. The three of us had just moved into our new home in Level7 ‘Curva Nord’ or the Singing Section and we thought this would be an exciting time to start a blog,  we think, looking back we were right to do so. We have had some fabulous times in Level 7 with the many characters, that have enriched the whole match day experience, not to mention the various shocked paying punters who found themselves in front of us and had never experienced anything like that, great times and once again it felt right, it felt like we had returned home.

Over the past 3 year we have amassed many followers, all have enriched our ‘seats’ experience. We have had over 385,000 page visits from 4299 different cities in 164 countries. All of these people have looked at our 3100+ posts; there aren’t many places on the planet that haven’t sat in the Shite Seats over the past 3 year, for that support we thank you.

It however is with great sadness that after three seasons we have announced the retirement of the Seats website. We feel that following the owners need to remove us from our seats that we don’t feel it suitable to carry on. We feel the move was antagonistic and vindictive. The 12th man will no longer be present and neither will The Seats website following the West Brom match at home on Sunday 22nd May. That is how it stands, but as they say ‘never say never’ (except if it’s about us winning some damn silverware!).

Anyway, this article is dedicated to some of the highlights of the past 3 years and to share these with you. It started really on 23rd August 2008 when our very own Matty posted the following “…pint of snakebite in the Bodega and the season has started. Howay the fuckin lads!” A mood setter for the site if there ever was.  The date was the 2nd September and the news broke with ‘Don’t Go KK’ – Keegan rumours were rife, could this be happening to us again….yes it could and it did. The season saw us crumble into mediocrity and into the 2nd flight after many great seasons entertaining in the Premiership and Europe, our stay at the top was over. The mercenaries that took us down soon left and we were glad to see them go, good riddance to bad rubbish. All clubs should look long and hard at the 08/09 season as what happened to us could happen to the majority of teams if you don’t care you don’t win.

The seats went on into the Championship with mixed feelings but to say we enjoyed that season was an understatement, we had a team and a manager that cared, we had support that cared. We had the best travelling minstrels in Europe and we danced through the league not only with ease but with passion and commitment, our feeling in the championship season was similar to the league champions season under Keegan we were back baby and we let the world know it on opening day of the new Premier League season, 6-0 baby revenge is sweet and the we’ll meet again song dished out to the Mags by Villa on that closing day of the relegation season was very apt indeed.

This season, the fans again have been magnificent, they have travelled in there thousands and supported the Toon like no other fans in the land do and they have been blessed with 5 away wins (at the time the same as Man Utd). They deserve the plaudits as do the fans in the Shite Seats, week in week out they drive the atmosphere in St James Park, making everyone feel alive and give the younger fans the chance to live the old days when all of the ground would sing and generate an electric atmosphere, this our friends is what it feels like to be loved.

The best day of them all however came on Halloween, the 31st October 2010, you know what happened, but what happened in the Shite Seats I will never ever forget, pure heaven. The prayer that was posted on the day summed it up beautifully.

Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name,
The goals will come, The game will be won,
In Newcastle as it will be in Sunderland. Give us today our victory.
Forgive us our celebrations as we forgive those who wish to celebrate against us.
Save us from the unwashed and deliver us from their jealousy.
For the kingdom, the power, and the glory are ours
Now and for ever. Ameobi.

Shout Oots.

As we head into the sunset, the lads (Robbo, Matty and Gazza) would like to thank the following people that made our journey so fantastic, first up all of our readers and fans on the site and our followers on Twitter, you know that the NUFC fan base is the best in the world and we were glad we were part of that and we hope we made you laugh, cringe, smile and cry as that our friends is what it is all about.


Thanks to the good people at Tumblr who allowed us to purvey our thoughts for free for the last 3 years, despite going up and down more times than the Mackems in the 1990s. Steve Wraith & Gareth Johnson who allowed us time on both air and column for our rants and thoughts. The honorary seaters, you lot were and remain fabulous individuals. Huddo and Helush for organising along with ourselves the first fans NUFC TweetUp, long may this fan meet up continue. George Caulkin a gentleman of advertising and a keen supporter of the truth, we salute you. Mark Allison (aka RunGeordieRun) an angel in running trainers, we hope you succeed in your truly worthwhile goal; you are a true ambassador for the Geordie Nation.  Steven Ramm, the man the legend, the driver, the pie maker, the social commentator, you my friend are a Geordie of the highest Calibre. There are many more people including Big Foz, Big Nick, Billy Swift, John Beresford, Joe Allon and many many more who made this journey worthwhile – we salute you. Much love Robbo, Gazza and Matty.

What’s Next?
It's been a crazy 3 seasons since we came into being, and despite the site going into permanent hiatus we will continue to support and plug the good work of the NUFC fan base and continue to post our thoughts elsewhere on the net, to continue to follow us and keep up with our next steps, please follow us on Twitter where our next ventures will be published as they happen.

We will leave you with the following posted following Keegans leaving on 5th September 2008, I think it sums us up nicely…..

We aren’t in this for the glory, the fashion, because some London based rag says we should be! We are here, we will always be here, because this is where we come from, this is our home town, this is where we belong, this is who we are, this is what makes and defines us, this is our identity, we are the Geordies. No matter who is in charge, who ‘owns’ our team, who runs ‘our’ club, who manages ‘our’ team or who is privileged to wear our famous colours  - we remain steadfast and true - we are the Geordies.

Until we meet again, keep it shite and remember there’s always someone in a worst seat than you (wipes away tear). Keep the Faith, we may be back…..FORTITER DEFENDIT TRIUMPHANS

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