Everything Happens For A Reason
By @Iwantcurlyhair2
Tuesday 07 Jun 2011 17:13:00
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My Nana always says “Everything happens for a reason”. It’s been a statement that has helped me through some of the darker experiences of my life and given me the hope that learning from those shitty experiences can improve you as a person and make the next steps in life a little easier. One of those “everything”s changed me forever.


I was a weird kid at school, a geeky small lad with little interest in football. In part due to my ineptitude at sports but also a pet dog that could consume penny floaters faster than you could buy them. In the early 80’s, a stubborn attitude combined with a strong opinion got you a daily beating not a daily blog posting, and so with a heavy heart I stood by my guns when others switched opinions faster than bird shit off the Baltic balcony to avoid the attentions of the school bully. Needless to say I took a beating.


Newcastle United came into my life with a bang, not in a footballing sense, not because of any game, no 4-4 draw or a 5-1 Halloween special, no memory of a game that binds you to the craving to feel that excitement again. The bang for me was that my Uncle Jimmy was too sick to get to the game. So a ticket that had been his since the 50’s found its way into my hands on a cold December day over 25 years ago. I don’t remember the details of the game that day but one things I am certain is that I will always remember the shock on the faces of the “Car Gang” when they realised that Jimmy must be really really ill.


Jim died before the end of the season and I have to admit that I never felt like there was more of a reason for me to be going to football than that of representing his passion and to continue something that just needed to be done. The Car Gang became friends and I started going to away games, spending many an hour with new lads from my school, listening to the crack on the back of the Armstrong Galley on the long journeys home. The fire inside me was burning and I was back a better person. Work soon put paid to my attendance at every game and having to leave the North East was a wrench.


Now I spend a lot of time and effort to get to the simplest of things, such as Watford away. I’m no Vicar (no pun intended) but I have done my fair share of preaching on NUFC. I’m vocal in my attendance more than ever and love nothing more than getting the bus, then a few rows, then eventually the End singing a song. I’ll get away seats on my tickets and bring people who have never experienced Newcastle away. Now, no you can’t complain that you can’t get an away game ticket because of me… I did it in the Championship and I don’t see why I should stop now. It’s like passing on a passion and spreading the word. I do make it clear that the life of a Newcastle fan isn’t an easy one but the infection starts as soon as we arrive at the pre-match pub.


My only dream is that one day Newcastle could do what I have done. Accept that shit times happen and learn from the experience to get better and do something positive. I don’t expect to win the League ….or anything for that matter but I would love to see some stability at the club. Something we have clearly lacked since the days of Keegan and Hall. I’d love to see us last a full season with the same leader in charge and Mike Ashley either confirm he’s interested in making Newcastle stable for the next 5 years or to sell to someone who can. Without that, you don’t see quality arrivals who believe in the vision of what this club should stand for. If this summer brings the worst case of asset striping since Gordon Gekko’s actions in Wall Street, I really believe that Mike Ashley could only then sell up and leave. Even if Jonas Joey and Jose follow Andy out the door, I stand by “Everything happens for a reason” because there will always be a spirit that is Newcastle United.


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