By Steve
Monday 22 Nov 2010 12:45:00
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Welcome to Issue 1 of Toon Talk a new fanzine on the market and one with the staying power of John Holmes on Viagra.(Cue Hovis Music) I remember lad when Newcastle had 6 or 7 fanzines on sale outside the ground, all diverse and full of views about the club both positive and negative. They all faded away and then there were two.  Now I do buy them as I’m sure you do but for me there has been something gnawing away at the back of my mind….yeh apart from the termites….A burning desire to get back to where I started. You see I was one of the first Newcastle United fanzine writers on these shores as was another writer within these pages Mr Cusack …take a bow…I started with ‘The Mighty Quinn’ named after our rotund No.9 and when he departed we formed the No.9…imaginative eh? Anyway I digress. We reached Issue 38 and called it a day when we got to Wembley against Manchester United in the F.A Cup final. To be honest we didn’t have the time to do it collectively anymore but now we are all older, wiser, and more obnoxious we have decided to pull on our sambas and don our pringle jumpers and have a quick shit and shave and get back out onto the streets to give the others a run for there money and give you the fan in the street what he wants. We aren’t here to slag the club off let’s get that straight. We are here to big them up and pat them on the back when they are doing well and have a go constructively when they are taking the piss. We aren’t in the clubs back pocket and won’t be looking to carry club adverts in our rag.(What’s that all about by the way?) We have gathered a substantial amount of talent this summer. More than can be said for the club at the moment but the window is still open at the time of writing. We are always looking for more writers whether it be for the fanzine or our website which you can find here



We are also on twitter here  http://twitter.com/NUFCToonTalk


and on facebook http://www.facebook.com/toontalk.magazine?ref=mf


We also have a weekly internet phone in so if you want to vent your spleen at me or co/host Gareth Johnson or the club then join us every Monday at 6:30pm till 8:30pm. Details of how to listen or interact can be found at our various online sites. If you really do have no life and want to listen to us all drone on about last season then you can find our back catalogue on ITUNES! God I am really bombarding you here so I’ll move onto football matters. Last season was refreshing. It restored my faith in football and the club. As a unit it gave us time to reflect and take a look at ourselves and ‘dignity’ was restored. That season is now confined to the history books and we have to start again. It’s not going to be easy and I don’t envy Hughton and Calderwood. But…there is a work ethic within this squad. They are tight and there aren’t any mercenaries. This squad with a bit of luck that we didn’t have last time we were in this league can do a job. There are some awful teams in this league…there’s Sunderland for starters….We need to make St James a bastion of invincibility like it was last year. Yeh there will be the odd cuffing here and there but hey we are used to that. As fans we just have to stick behind the lads and start enjoying the games again. Forget about Mike Ashley and Co. Unless you have £400M then you can’t do anything to shift him. Talks of buying the club if we all chip in are pie in the sky. It will never happen. Those who are still bleating on about it have been taken in by the dream although some are starting to wake up and smell the coffee. Toon Talk will be bi monthly and the next issue will be on sale Monday  25th October just in time for the first Derby of the season. I can’t wait! Enjoy the read. See you next time. And Keep the Faith. 


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