By Brian Hall
Friday 12 Jul 2013 10:36:00
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As anybody who cares for our football club, with bloody passion all the way to bloody kicking off, the toon sites show plenty of that. I happen to like the Mags Nest one. Tell ya what, there are some kick offs gannin around on that one, and i have to admit that i am not exactly innocent, or restrained, inside the punch-ups!

I happen to be a Hardliner, regarding the Shysters running our club. I canna stand, anymore, the Keep the Faith brigade, we canna dae nowt about things,  so Back the Lads.  Mebbe, just heard a bit of that too much in my nufc lifetime, I suppose.

But what strikes me, as if I dd not know anyway, is the sheer passion that surrounds this footy club. You see, they care. They argue with each other, they throw in some very good ideas actually about  thoughts on what to do. Obviously, I lie in that camp.


The Mags Nest site is just one example, and you can feel the sheer care, intense feeling, blasting out from a lot of people on that site. NUFC is a big part of their lives, their culture.

The virtual rows generally calm down.  Well, a bit, like, just like a bunch of Mags sitting in a real life bar, cafe, or workplace. Believe you me, I have seen some real life rumpus amongst probably the most passionate football fans in the world, or certainly high on that list of passion for their club.


The Mags Nest is just one site that shows that sentiment, makes it obvious, to me anyway. NUFC happen to matter a canny bit to our regional culture. And it shines through in all the kick offs, opinions, rows, and so on.


As for my own view?? Who cares really, but I will repeat it. Get this regime via our fans’ actions, of course. But go for the balls.......those held by Mr Big Ole Ashy. At Sports Direct. Sometimes, just via a drip feed at his now Number 9 bar and a boycott via media publicity, other times by hitting his major Empire. And that is NOT nufc. It is Sports Direct.                    


If we don’t move now , then I have to say I will be ashamed to be a Mag. And that really does hurt. A lot. That statement.               Me thinks, Mr Ashley, Lord Kinnear of God Knows Where, Al Partridge, and the hangers on, might just get a shock........via sites like Magpies Nest, fans working together, and focusing, above all , on the main Ball!!!    Sports Direct..............and use our media teams, our networks, our whatevers, to make damn sure that his balls are hit!!!  


Rant over, eh............but all credit to the Mags Nest lot.........they certainly have some good rows, debates, AND..ideas.........................................tarah..................brian


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