By Brian Hall
Tuesday 25 Jun 2013 18:56:00
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Some  people have either had to attend a public meeting, or often ended up at one due to their strong feelings about a contentious issue, all the way from a hospital closure to an allotment fee rise.  Just to stress quite how sad my life has been, I have often ended up at such events, due to previous jobs , or just  strong feelings, in the past.

 I actually, all joking apart, supported and enjoyed the beginnings, coming together, of many such  movements that were trying to change, improve,  or just resist something.

I attended one last night. Not for reasons of having to lurk around as part of a job, but rather, due to the fact that I happen to care about a football club, and all that it means to a huge part of our culture. A Big Meeting at the Labour Club in town, organised by Newcastle Fans United.

In some ways, it reminded me of many such an open public meeting, whether in politics, business, whatever, in terms of the debates, with all the questions, potential tactics suggested, some uproar, going on, and so on.

But a couple of things seemed clear to me.

 One, obviously, was the sheer passion and emotion of a very large number of people who care such a bloody lot about  a football club, and of course,  why they  have been treated pretty shamefully for quite a long time.

The other thing, clear to me at least?

Despite emotions running high, inevitably, when 300 or 400 people end up in a room together, all with their own views and takes, I thought that this particular Big Meeting was a success. Clearly, nobody in NUFC Fans United claimed to have any set of immediate answers to the problem facing this football club. They do not even say they do, anyway. But , if I can swear for a moment, they all mean bloody business regarding the shite that has been dished out to NUFC followers.

Personally, I  happen to think it is the worst shite – oops, swearing again there - that I have ever  witnessed , in terms of the Dishing Out game from Boards at SJP, and that says a bit, given I was set out under the rule of Lord Westwood, Gordon McKeag, and so on.

Of course though, as in all such movements, whether a footy, political, business, forum, various past grudges can come to the fore, and indeed lead to rather ridiculous fall-outs. Bit like the great Monty Python sketch in the Life of Brian, actually, when various groups wanted to liberate their area from the Romans. Yet they spent all of their time fighting, and hating each other group in that Palestinian toon.


But this movement, which I saw last night,  struck me as having, dare I say the word as a Mag, Potential.   Hate that word about us, but never mind, in this context.

The NUFC Fans United were at least trying to unite, via that Big Meeting in the Labour Club, all those who care about just is what has been happening to one of the most important institutions in our regional culture.  NUFC .


My conclusion was simple. No doubt the minutes, and the recordings of the event, will be circulated anyway. This lot have nowt to hide, and indeed,  they, or we, I might say humbly, come from the very opposite angle.

 I do believe that I attended a bloody good meeting, and a great start to an attempt at unity for all those who care about their footy club. So much a huge part of their life. And culture.


That is all I can say really.                        Tarah.                  Brian


Ps......canna resist a ps..........clearly, some will say .......seen it all afore....what is the point....who is in it in order to make a name for themselves, etc, etc.           That, as they say, is part of the package that hits any movement trying to form something which will stand up for what they feel strongly about.                 And definitely,  tarah now. Not to this canny group forming though!!!






Loads in different times in life                              POLITICS, IE..........................oops,................often all kinds of the usual       past vendettas         some not even gannin cos they divvent like some faction or other..............etc........................yawn, yawn


Point is                 if you all find yersel with a common enemy  as such                lie down    surrender            or put    pathetic little differences  from the past      behind ya          and try to something as far as you can, together other alternative

Despite the intro, this is not about Great Political Meetings, or Business Gatherings this one is about

A footy one






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