By Brian Hall
Thursday 06 Jun 2013 10:56:00
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I stumbled into a right plot and a half the other day.  Given that we have no games to look forward to, or analyse what happened in the one the other day, our minds turn to all kinds of NUFC matters.


I am not talking about crazy transfer speculation, as that is totally boring. Just keeps the footy journalists trying to write something, or the taxi driver and that bloke down the road spreading rumours about who he has just seen at the airport.


No , am on about other NUFC debates, and a belter broke out over  just Who Were Our Worst Ever Top Five Managers, and just Who Were Our Best Ever Top Five. As ever, it lead to hell on, on facebook sites such as the Magpies Nest and others.


Some consensus did break out, temporarily that is. That sun-tanned, reinvented footy punter, Souness seemed to get an overwhelming vote in the Worst Five Ever League Table. But then, the older lot, including me, had a rethink.

Naturally, we hated  He of Wonderful Sun Tan, and hater of NUFC. Worst period of his footy life, he reckons, apparently. Really!!?  Canny pay off, and good links with rather odd signings springs to mind. However, the older lot then remembered Gordon Lee, and Bill McGarry. Confession time here for me.


Lee shot Supermac, simple as that. And pissed off to Everton, the day after we were all in the Corner knowing full well that he was doing a bunk. McGarry. He owes me money, actually. I paid a non-footy mate to take me to Wrexham in 77, for that FA Cup replay. OK, it was only from a flat in Liverpool at that time, but it was a shite journey, shite match, and shite weather. We lost 4-1, and it was probably one of the worst NUFC performances I have seen.


Other bad managers got a vote obviously.  At one point, it seemed that the limited Five Worst List rule was in tatters. Jim Smith, Little Sam, Dalglish, and so on.


The happier side of the debate sparked off less fighting amongst all of us.  It tended to come down to a choice, in the Best Ever Top 5, to Bobby, KK, and Joe Harvey. Not necessarily in that order, of course, as some disagreement still remained.  Outside of the dispute surrounding the Top Three,  opinion was all over the shop. Chris Hughton seemed to do well, for staying with us when we got relegated into the Championship, and I agreed with that. Just a pity Del Boy and Mr A were determined to throw him out of our club at the first opportunity, I suppose.


And my final conclusion on the debate. Worst Ever Top Man. Souness, despite my relationship with Lee and McGarry. As for Best Ever. Leaving aside the one major trophy we have won, under Joe, Joe, Joe Harvey, it has to be KK, and not Bobby, much as I love the latter. Keegan got a hold of us as we faced ultimate disaster, his passion for NUFC was intense, stormed us out of the old Division 2, and landed us as Big Boys in the Premiership.


Only a personal view, like!




Ps     just shows you that Mags can talk about NUFC non-stop, even in the close season. And of course, fall out with each other in the process!          And obviously, there was no mention of the SAFC. If they tried such a debate, could they find Top Five Best Ever in their history!!?

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