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By Max Flinders
Wednesday 19 Oct 2011 13:18:00
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For me, pre-season was always an exciting time, especially as a Newcastle fan. The excitement would be unbearable; the speculation of players coming and going, waiting to see what signings the manager pulled off, which player would get away and which player would be let go. It was almost as exciting as the game itself. Big names have come to Newcastle in the past but the past is the past and now it only seems like big names will be leaving St James' Park. Carroll and Nolan - OUT. Next out the door - Barton & Enrique. They are arguably 4 out of our 5 best performers last year. We then sign cheap, unproven Frenchmen so at the end of the day Ashley's wallet gets fatter. And what does our so-called manager say?


Well, nothing. He can't say anything because he knew all this before he took the job. He was told to bend over for Big Mike when he signed and nothing has or will change. The man who is meant to be in charge of team affairs is weak. We need a strong charismatic man in charge of both team and signings. A man like Kevin Keegan. He stood up to Ashley and would not take his crap, but Ashley has learnt since then that a muppet will do and that's what we have got. He comes out with a load of bollocks, says what we want to hear or what he thinks we want to hear, he is unproven and in charge of one of the biggest clubs in England - how the hell did he get the job? He comes cheap and with his pants down, that's how.


I left Newcastle for Lancashire as a young lad and the stick I got for supporting NUFC was intense. Blackburn Rovers was the local team but all the kids were Liverpool and Manchester United fans until Jack Walker took over Rovers and bought Shearer and the like and won the league. I took a battering from all these glory hunters for sticking to my club through some dark times. Going down to West Ham by 8 goals was no fun for a young Geordie lad in a school full of glory hunters. When I left Lancashire NUFC improved and I did not get my chance to have a go. Typical. Now I see Blackburn Rovers as another 5under1and. I always used to look for both fixtures but now Ashley has has his dirty mitts on the club things are very, very different.


I can no longer get excited about football. When I say football, I mean Newcastle United as Newcastle United is football. They go hand in hand and without Newcastle United, to me there is no football. If NUFC did not exist, I would probably support Durham CC. It would be nice if Cricket was my number one sport, but it's not. I started a blog a few years ago to discuss all matters NUFC but increasingly find I can't update it as the love has gone or been taken away.


It was all about my love for NUFC, the passion on the Gallowgate end, the number 9 shirt, singing the Blaydon Races and the big signings. The standing in the Gallowgate has now gone, we don't have a number 9, the Blaydon races is rarely heard these day - as is any song at St James' Park - and the big signings are all moving in the wrong direction.


I don't think Ashley is trying to destroy the club. He wants money, he is a big, fat, greedy money grabbing you know what and he wants the club making profit for his sake not OURS.


He may be trying to demoralise us while he is collecting our hard earned money though and this is why I feel sick to the back teeth of him, his buddies and the way he treats the fans and players. I stopped going to home games a year ago. That then extended to away games and now I just can't get that pre-season excitement. Our club been taken away from us and I can't see coming back in the near future.


Looks like Durham Dynamos for me. And Toon Talk of course. 

PS) Check out my blog: http://newcastleun1ted.blogspot.com/ 


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