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impact Posted on 03/06/2008 20:20

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Does someone has the courage and time to explain to the chaps here what the USL is, its existing relationship to the MLS and shall we speculate collectively on the future relationship between these two?
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joedavis4 Posted on 05/06/2008 07:18

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OK, USL is basically the second division of US professional soccer. But there is no way to get out of that 2nd division. It just is what it is. There isn't a promotion and relegation like in other leagues. The MLS and USL are seperate.
Their relationship is under speculation. I have heard they weren't on the best of terms though.
And as far as the future goes, i would like to think that within 10 years it will develope into a promotion and relegation system. The problem is right now we are trying to biuld fan bases, and the second a team got relegated it would probably lose half. WE just dont have the history/tradition/support to have a relegation system. but i see it happening in the future.
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