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joedavis4 Posted on 29/05/2008 05:13
Crews Racism Comments

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Ok, this is being blown way out of porportion. One person said the n word. Go to a college basketball or football game and your garunteed to here more than just a few recist comments. People just need to drop this and realize it was one word, one time, by a probably drunk guy. There was no organized chanting or anything. Chill out.
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Toronto_FC Posted on 29/05/2008 18:21
Crews Racism Comments

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Yeah, but we also need to recognise stupidity for what it is. How can this fan rationalise supporting his own team, which undoubtedly has some black players, yet say something like that to an opposing club's player? Can someone explain that logic to me?

Maybe in the States things are different, I would be completely humiliated and angered if I heard one of my fellow supporters saying something like that - but then, that person would also likely get their XXXXXX kicked by his fellow supporters up here.
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