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pdhmobile2016 Posted on 15/09/2020 21:06
Raffle competitions
Have been talking to friends about these raffle competitions that seem to be everywhere at the moment. Some of the prizes are insane, like ferrari's, aston martins etc etc.
Has anyone had anything to do with them or know anything about them. Maybe im cynical but i cant help but think there is a scam somewhere in there............
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SilentProf Posted on 16/09/2020 00:40

Raffle competitions
There are some legitimate raffle sites but the majority are scams or at least dishonest. They have terms which set a minimum number of tickets that need to be sold before the winner is drawn. Itís usually a sum far above the actual value of the prize even when the site or agentís fees are taken into account. If they donít sell enough tickets, they just raffle a percentage of the entry fee and pocket the rest.

I wouldnít be surprised if they donít actually own the high end sports cars before they raffle them off. They can always use some of the raffle money to buy one in the unlikely event that they sell enough tickets.
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Heam44 Posted on 16/09/2020 18:40

Raffle competitions
There was a house raffled on a site called Raffal, near to us, competition was a few weeks ago and a local couple won, they move in this month I believe.

Link: Article about the competition (if it works).
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