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exeterboro Posted on 06/08/2020 18:32
Daily Deaths Cvd19 England
The daily deaths yesterday in England hospitals was 5 ( Devon live reported) but it comes out later at as 49 later across the UK by PHE. What am I missing, are they taking deaths from previous week's, which have only been reported and then adding them to the ongoing total? So what is the daily death rate at the moment, is it a lot lower than is being reported, single figure digits?

The only reason I ask is that it seems crazy we put quarantine on travellers coming back from Spain and Belgium when our death rate is a lot worse if it is accurate, which means probably means higher rates of infection.
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UKLL1981 Posted on 06/08/2020 18:49
Edited On: 06/08/2020 18:51
Daily Deaths Cvd19 England
I think the first figure is always the deaths in hospitals, the second is in all settings.

One thing that is indisputable is cases are rising in Spain, France, Belgium and the U.K. but whether thatís because more people are being tested is a matter for debate. I know people that have been chosen to take part in random tests by the government for surveys.

It doesnít look like deaths are going up though, I know there is a lag between infection and deaths but either the virus was much much more widespread during the peak or they have got better at treatment.

The scary part is, no matter how bad a second wave gets I canít see there being a second lockdown and even if there is you would need the army to enforce it.
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exeterboro Posted on 06/08/2020 20:37
Edited On: 06/08/2020 21:05
Daily Deaths Cvd19 England
It seems crazy our system of compiling figures, I revisited the daily totals for the UK on Worldometers and they had retrospectively assigned the deaths for days of where they should have been not when they were reported,around April 18th the daily average of deaths for about a week was over a 1000 easily. I can understand why a Government might use this system because you can hide the real peaks of daily deaths when it's at its worst,any Government right or left( Spain) have been doing this, but the negative for the Government when the figure becomes genuinely low again as it might be now then you are stuck with higher figures being reported, this could be why they have tried to get rid of it.
I agree with you on lock down, it's going to be a tough winter.
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Torino Posted on 06/08/2020 21:51

Daily Deaths Cvd19 England
Havenít positive tests from pillar 1 and hospital admission continued to go down gradually ? When they start to rise again (probably in November / December) weíll have problems.
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exeterboro Posted on 06/08/2020 22:32

Daily Deaths Cvd19 England
That is the real important figure to look for and maybe more accurate of what's actually going on now, hospital admissions and maybe intensive Care Unit admissions. But I have never seen an ongoing release of data for this.
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Jostler Posted on 07/08/2020 08:58
Edited On: 07/08/2020 09:01
Daily Deaths Cvd19 England
Thereís two reasons for the inflation.

1 - backdated deaths and theyíre sometimes months old (obviously that means some deaths today for instance might not be reported for a few weeks)

2. Thereís also been reports that anyone who has ever had Covid and then died is added to the figure despite actual cause of death I.e hit by a bus.

Thereís supposed to be an investigation going on into the 2nd point but whether we will ever get answers is a doubt

I think thereís a number of reasons why the death figure isnít going up presently not just one factor.

Delayed lag from cases increasing, targeted testing picking up asymptotics which would Have been missed before, more you get people than old getting it.

They also reckon there was 100,000 cases a day at the peak in the UK, it was all around us where itís now in clusters where they can mass test
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exeterboro Posted on 07/08/2020 10:53

Daily Deaths Cvd19 England
100000 people a day getting it that is some going.
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AlbertoBongaloid Posted on 07/08/2020 11:16

Daily Deaths Cvd19 England
We donít know what they are actually getting though.
They have never carried out a pure isolation of SARS cov2 and proven it to cause covid19 being reasonable doubt. There will be repercussions one day as without this you canít produce a credible vaccine
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RenzoRosso Posted on 07/08/2020 11:27

Daily Deaths Cvd19 England
Weíve got such a bad death rate that you have to think that as we test more itíll show our actual number of cases was always a lot higher than reported - otherwise we have some very uncomfortable questions to answer
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