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FatCat Posted on 30/07/2020 16:20
New Shirt Profits
So any of you learned folk know the details of shirt sales. From the £48 I just paid for the nice new away kit - how much does the club make per shirt sold.

Anyone with any ideas on this?

Ps I would put this on the new board Rob but still having problems :-)
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newyddion Posted on 30/07/2020 17:45
Edited On: 30/07/2020 17:54
New Shirt Profits
I'm guessing £38 goes to the club.

That's not taking into consideration the dead stock we end up with (which should easily be covered by the printing and badges)

The rest of the tat in there must cover retail sales, rates etc.

38 biffs a shirt
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whatdoyoubench Posted on 30/07/2020 18:52

New Shirt Profits
Iíd guess they cost the club between £14-18
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newyddion Posted on 30/07/2020 19:15

New Shirt Profits
£14-£18 sounds pretty steep like
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FatCat Posted on 30/07/2020 20:12
Edited On: 30/07/2020 20:11
New Shirt Profits
Oh I thought it was much less tan that as the shirt deal most of the money goes to Hummel and the club getting x amount per shirt sold. I would have thought it would be as low as a tenner per shirt.
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Indeedido Posted on 31/07/2020 11:30

New Shirt Profits
There are very different types of construct to the operating model.
There is VAT to take off, so £48 shirt is actually £40 to share between Manufacturer, Club and any other Retailer.
Boro take all the Retailer margin as they are only available through Club route to market.They do not however benefit from mass distribution. They may feel they do not need it.
If a Club gets a rich shirt supply deal from the manufacturer, then they will get a lower cut of the revenue for each shirt.
Under Errea, it was all based around low shirt unit purchase cost, so high Club margin on shirts exclusively sold. If you can satisfy all your potential demand and get good quality merchandise then this is the way to go if you are confident of decent base sales.
Get a shirt deal up front, then you will take a lower cut of each shirt.
It's a judgement on how many you are going to sell and be left with.
Man U shirts sold in sports shops will generate a smaller unit margin for Man U than Boro ones sold at The Riverside. But they get mass distribution, availability and economies of scale.
You need to know your fanbase and its potential, then it is just maths.
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Chocolatefreddo1 Posted on 01/08/2020 18:40

New Shirt Profits
Bizarre one this as the deal isnít with Hummel direct itís with Elite sports who have the uk licence for Hummel. This may make the shirt slightly higher than if they were doing the deal with Errea direct. With Errea the shirts would have been circa £12. The Elite / Hummel could be circa £16.

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newyddion Posted on 06/08/2020 06:08

New Shirt Profits
What would be the benefit in getting your shirts from Adidas/Hummel then?

Why not just get your own ones knocked up from Thailand?

I thought manufacturers paid to sponsor teams or gave freebies out!
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