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Mind_Games Posted on 28/07/2020 19:23
Edited On: 28/07/2020 19:25Norwich ST holders decision - next season
Friend of mine is just in a meeting with Norwich as he has shares with the club. Anyway next season they are saying only 8000 allowed in stadium so ST holders will be split so you only get to go every 1 in 3 games.

I know itís hard to please everyone but unsure if I agree with that. Iíve had a ST with Boro since 95. Why should someone who has just bought one get to go to the same amount of games? Selfish haha

Suppose Norwich will have over 20,000 ST holders.

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MightyDuck Posted on 28/07/2020 19:39

Norwich ST holders decision - next season
We wouldnít have that problem.
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Support_Your_Local_Team Posted on 28/07/2020 23:38
Edited On: 28/07/2020 23:38
Norwich ST holders decision - next season
If you'd been going to a pub for years and it was busy one Saturday night, would you expect your pint to be bigger than a new customers pint even though you'd both paid the same?
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6876 Posted on 28/07/2020 23:59

Norwich ST holders decision - next season
No. But as some who goes every week to that pub, I would expect to get ahead in the queue of those that just gone in on weekends when itís busy.
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hielo Posted on 29/07/2020 07:38

Norwich ST holders decision - next season
And you would actually go to straight to the front of the queue. Really? [sad]
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Boro_Gypo Posted on 29/07/2020 07:59

Norwich ST holders decision - next season
I honestly think thats the fairest way. Anybody who had a season ticket last year and wants to renew can. But no new season ticket holders. We would manage 1 in 2 games I would think, based on 8000 capacity and 16000 ST holders.

I don't think length of attendance should come into it.
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Wev1 Posted on 29/07/2020 08:02
Edited On: 29/07/2020 08:36
Norwich ST holders decision - next season
That is a selfish take on it.

Should someone who's been to more games get priority over you?
What if they've been a fan for longer?
What about someone who has travelled further to see boro in total?
What about someone who travels further per week on average?
What about someone who can't afford a season ticket each year?
What about someone who sponsors the club, provides a service or is a family member of a player, do they get priority?
What about someone that gets in early, has 5 pints, buys every shirt and a ton of merch?
What about someone that doesn't have a season ticket, but spends more on tickets per year?
What about someone that had a season ticket from 90, but didn't go last year?
What about someone that couldn't go as they worked in a different country, but is now back home?
What about key workers and doctors/ nurses that have been saving lives in their local community?
What about local volunteers?
What about some kid who is 8 years old and could potentially go to every game for the next 70 years?
What about some bloke who is 80, and might not have many games left?

It's one season, and it's not like you're going to be charged for all 23 games and only be allowed to go to one third.

There's no way to set a fair criteria for all, so the only way to do it is to share the wealth, so to speak. That way, collectively, the club benefits as it pleases or retains more supporters, not just the few who might have lived local, earned enough and not worked Saturdays for the last however many years.
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YouwantsomeYougotnofans Posted on 29/07/2020 12:00
Edited On: 29/07/2020 12:09
Norwich ST holders decision - next season
Norwich sold their season tickets before coronavirus came into our world....
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Barney_Rubble Posted on 29/07/2020 12:53

Norwich ST holders decision - next season
How many have renewed so far ? I doubt it is anywhere near 16,000.

It's only an issue if the number of renewals is greater than the likely capacity.

If you below the limit it's pretty simple.

Once we approach that you can suspend renewals and those that have renewed can go, those that haven't cant.

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MrBoroMan Posted on 29/07/2020 17:43

Norwich ST holders decision - next season
i think 13000 will have renewed. the next thing is working out which people in the same household sit together, that should increase capacity a little.

Plus there will be some who don't want to attend sheilding etc.

We may be ok

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GusboroughSteve Posted on 29/07/2020 18:11

Norwich ST holders decision - next season
Wow, ST since the Glory years. Maybe the club should be giving you a free ticket in the executive box.
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free_pint Posted on 29/07/2020 18:28

Norwich ST holders decision - next season
There was about 2000 renewed before they froze sales. That's from the club.
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